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    After much arguing with O2 eventually I got a hold someone who works at O2 that wasn’t a clueless idiot and they agreed that they could manually change the tariff to the 5G advertised tariff of Unlimited everything …

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Is it a tablet, is it an Echo Show, well actually its both!

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      What the F is that you may ask?  Well in short it tells you the room temperature and the humidity.  The smart, well that means it has Bluetooth, yeah Bluetooth.

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Yes, it’s a Qi charger and yes it it’s got a fabric coating on the front.

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Oh O2.  You may have been technically the last network to switch on your 5G network but it turns out one mast of yours is right beside where I live and thus, I should get a perfect signal.  How wonderful …

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VOXI – has it got more to offer than those creepy TV ads?

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So what do you you do if you need internet but have no land line, maybe its just to cover until you do or maybe its because your not living there long enough to get installed?  This is EE’s answer …

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  Thanks to BESTEK for the sample. Initial Impressions  Well this is a little bit of a departure for me, I don’t normally do car things but this, this a bit different too.  It’s about turning a car into an …

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The aLLreLi X100 Gaming Mouse Review, we don’t so often get mice in but we (okay, I) saw the lights and went ooooh pretty, thus in it came.  How did it get on?

Okay so if you hadn’t noticed its December and that means Christmas is impending.  So here are 5 of this year’s recommended Audio bits and erm, one or several honourable mentions.  Okay so mostly it’s that I can’t really narrow …

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