Month: February 2016

oBravo ERIB-2a Review

This is a new earphone from a new company (new to me anyway) and it does something a little bit different.  You see its a hybrid set up, that’s been all the rage now for a while but this is

Obravo ERIB-2a Quick Review

Obravo ERIB-2a Quick Review Thanks to the UK Loaner Tour for the loan. Brief:  Itty bitty Planar magnetic / Dynamic hybrid IEM’s Price:  £549 or about US$765 (that includes UK tax though) Specifications:  Frequency Response: 20Hz~35KHz, Tweeter: 8mm Planar Magnetic

Echobox Finder X1 Review

Echobox Finder X1 Review Thanks to Echobox for the sample. TLDR? Try here First Impressions:  Is it me or are earphones all getting more and more pretty?  I realise I’m a sucker for bare metal and their bare titanium

Echobox Finder X1 Quick Review

Echobox Finder X1 Quick Review Thanks to Echobox for the sample. Brief: Unyielding titanium dazzlers. Price:  US$199 Specifications:  Housings:  Solid Titanium, Drivers: 9.2mm PEEK (PolyEther Ether Keytone) dynamic driver, Cable: Silver plated copper, Cable Length: 1,2m, Impedance: 22 ohms, Sensitivity:

Brainwavz Omega Review

Brainwavz Omega Review Thanks to Brainwavz for the sample. TLDR?  Try here First Impressions Ah another plastic box, hmm is this a cost thing?  The Omega for sure is right at the cheapest end of the market.  The thing

Brainwavz Omega Quick Review

Brainwavz Omega Quick Review Thanks to Brainwavz for the sample. Brief: Brainwavz make something even cheaper! Price: US$15 or about £10 Specifications: Drivers: Dynamic, 6 mm, Rated Impedance: 16 Ohms, Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20kHz, Sensitivity: 98 dB at

Nouske NH-14 Review

Denmark, so when I think Denmark I think, bacon, butter and something rotten in the state of.  I dont really think earphones but that  might be about to change with a new offering from Nouske.  They were a case and

Nouske NH-14 Quick Review

Nouske NH-14 Quick Review Thanks to Nouske for the sample Brief:  Denmark, not just butter and bacon anymore. Price:  US$50 or £38 Drivers: Dual-Driver, 10mm dynamic + Balanced armature Specifications:  Sensitivity: 112 dB/1mw, Impedance: 32 OHM, Frequency response: 8 Hz-26000

iClever 6 port USB Charger Review

Like it not, if you are someone reading this site then you have at least half a dozen devices that want charging and I’d bet practically all of them want a USB socket to do. If you ever feel that