Month: July 2014

DUNU DN-2000 Review

DUNU DN-2000 Review Thanks to DUNU for the sample. First Impressions:  The box seems a bit of a step up on the old DUNU boxes.  Still it’s a box so who cares, inside though we have the traditional four million

DUNU DN-2000 Quick Review

DUNU DN-2000 Quick Review Thanks to DUNU for the sample. Brief: DUNU take’s it to the top. Price: US$316 or £186 sans HMRC’s cut Specification: Driver Unit: Dynamic (10mm)*1+Balanced Armature*2, Sensitivity: 102dB+/-2dB, Impedance:16Ω, Frequency Range: 10Hz – 30kHz, Plug: Ø3.5mm

DUNU DN-900 Quick Review

DUNU DN-900 Quick Review  Thanks to DUNU for the sample. Brief:  DUNU do a party hybrid. Price:  £80 ish or about US$130 Specification:  Type: Dynamic Balanced Armature(10mm) Sound pressure level: 103+/-2dB,   Impedance: 16Ω, Frequency Response: 18Hz-22KHz, Plug: 3.5mm Gold-Plated, Cable

T-PEOS H-100II Review

T-PEOS H-100II Review Thanks to T-PEOS for the sample. First Impressions:  Okay, it came with a coffee and moisturiser sample which is slightly unusual to say the least.  Weird.  Okay so starting with box, nothing fancy here and I note that tips

T-PEOS H-100II Quick Review

T-PEOS H-100II Quick Review Thanks to T-PEOS for the sample. Brief:  Crazy cheap detail monsters, Gangnam Style in IEM form. Price:  US$84.50 or £49.31 Specification:  Features – 2 way hybrid earphone, Balanced armature (Knowles WBFK) unit with dynamic driver, 8mm dynamic unit