Jesbod QY11 Quick Review by mark2410

Jesbod QY11 Quick Review by mark2410

Jesbod QY11 Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Jesbod UK (Jesbod US) for the sample.

Brief: Uhura gets some more great but dirt cheap earphones.

Price:  £20 or US$30

Specifications:  Working Time: Around 6-7 hours, Charging Voltage: DC 5V, Charging interface: MICRO USB, Charging time: Around 1-2 hours, Bluetooth Version: V4.1, Profile: APTX A2DP AVRCP HSP HFP, Communication Distance: About 10m in free field, Battery: 3.7V 90mAh Li-po battery, Size: 45 x 36 x 30mm / 1.77 x 1.42 x 1.18in, Length: 670mm / 26.38in, Weight: 18.5 g / 0.65oz

Accessories:  1x Charging Cable, 1x Cord Management Clip, 6x Eartips (S/M/L), 1x User Manual

Build Quality:  Rather nice.  Sure they are all plastic but they seem decently put together with some care.

Isolation:  A little so so.  They are okayish but given their form they want to sit shallow and you have no choice about it.  So while you could get away with them for out and about, maybe a bus commute that’s about it.  Tube or flights they just don’t really cut it.  You still need to keep an eye out for traffic though, least you get squished.

Comfort/Fit:  Pretty good I suppose.  Though I always felt the seal on the left ear wasn’t great and I wanted to push them in more but their shape precludes that.  Otherwise very comfy and very secure with that ear guide on.

Aesthetics:  The closer you get the more plasticky they look but from a distance, they look really good.  I like the capsule type design, they look funky.  So bold a design, something angular, I dunno they just look good.

Sound:  These sound just like their siblings the QY13 except these would seem to have a hint more bass.  Though that could just be to them needing to sit so shallow.  Either way their overall audio quality is really quite impressive for the price, never mind for Bluetooth at the price.  That they are also Bluetooth is a wonder of modern electronics and Chinese mass production.  That I can sit here, using these and genuinely enjoy them, actually like listening to them is crazy.  I have stuff considerably more expensive but these little babies at just £20 can hold their own and still sound pleasing is just lunacy.   Now they aren’t perfect, for starters they are rather too bassy, not massively so but you know, they are bassy.  They do slightly dominate I suppose but they never got on my nerves.  They’re well scaled and with a hint of bloom and expansion, a dash of warmth too.  Mids are good, slightly darkened, a little warmed.  They clearly have a preference for smoothly rich vocals, airy they don’t do so well but again, that price tag.  I can’t fault them for it.  The treble, it’s like the mids, warmed, not so prominent.  It is a little bit delicate too.  If you force its abundance you do start to notice that this isn’t an expensive product.  The treble tries to stay delicate and shimmery but you can tell its breaking up.

Still, the takeaway is, these sound impressively capable for the money.

Value:  Great, great sounding for the money.

Pro’s:  Look cool.  Sound great.  Dirt cheap.

Con’s:  A little fit fussy.  Slightly microphonic.  Middling isolation.

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