AudioMX EM-S4 Earphone Quick Review

AudioMX EM-S4 Earphone Quick Review

AudioMX EM-S4 Earphone Quick Review

AudioMX EM-S4 Earphone Review

Thanks to AudioMX for the sample.

Brief:  Pretty, bargain priced dual driver.

Price:  £25 or US$35 in Trumpland.

Specifications:  Advanced high resolution coaxial dual dynamic drivers, Engineered with advanced dual coils (10 mm and 6 mm in diameter), produce thumping bass, lush mid-range notes, and crystal clear highs. Broad compatibility and convenient control system, Compatible with all 3.5 mm audio jack smartphones and devices. Built-in MIC allows for hands-free calling. Multi-functional control button enables PLAY / PAUSE / FW / REV functionality.

Accessories:  4 pairs of silicone tips and a very nice little hard case.

Build Quality:  While they are plastic rather than metal the buds are very nice, no imperfections I can detect.  The cable is nice and the jack, mic and Y splitter are all metal.  Given their bargain price its very nice build quality.

Isolation:  If there is one area there fall down on it’s the isolation.  They are shallow fitting and rather well vented.  Thus they dost isolate very well so while fine for out and about, maybe fine for on a bus too.  Tube and flights I’d say don’t even think about.  However with music playing still enough to obscure traffic to the point you need to remember and use your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Great.  I was a little sceptical about the built in ear guides but they actually worked great on my ears.  They are a little shallow fitting but they fit very nicely and I was very happy wearing them for several hours at a time with no problems.

Aesthetics:  While they would look nicer if the beds were metal, they still look really nice.  Clean, minimalist and its just works visually.  I very much like.

Sound:  Well these may be dual drivered but they haven’t gone for the expected V shaped dramatic sound signature.  The bass is abundant but not crazily so, it’s a little gentle, smooth and easy on the ear.  The mids are much the same, mids do a very nice layering harmony.  The treble, you’d expect a lot, brash and vibrant wouldn’t you?  Well nope, not here.  They have gone for a smooth, delicate treble and it’s really rather subdued.  Actually I’d say it’s a little over subdued.  It’s super polite, laid back, refined and gently shimmering.  If you listen hard there is detail but it’s so unobvious.  These are softly melodic, they like to do a pleasingly harmonious layering to the music.  Brash brutal stuff they just don’t do.  It’s a highly relaxed, delicately diffuse sound that I find most pleasing and forgiving.  However it’s not going to have the bight and grrrr that some consumers will be looking for.  Always nice to listen to but they just can’t pull off aggressive.

Pro’s:  Look lovely. Sound lovely.  Nicely build.

Con’s:  Too polite and reticent for vibrant party time.

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