LG P7 MUSICflow Bluetooth Speaker Quick Review

LG P7 MUSICflow Bluetooth Speaker Quick Review

LG P7 MUSICflow Bluetooth Speaker Quick Review

 LG P7 MUSICflow Bluetooth Speaker Quick Review

Thanks to LG UK for the loaner.

Brief:  Itty bitty beefy audio.

Price:  £66 for silver, £130 for the wood.

Specifications:  Dimensions Main (W x H x D / mm) 184 x 55 x 63, Amplifier Channel 2.0 CH, Total Power Output 20W, Front 20W, Passive Radiator Dual, Input & Output Audio In Portable In (Φ3.5), Power micro USB 5 pin, Audio Sound Mode LG Auto Sound Engine Yes, EQ , Standard (Default), Voice, User EQ, Speaker Front SPL 82 dB, Front System Passive type, Front Full range unit Yes, Front Impedance 4 Ω, Power Type Adapter, Power-on mode (Charging status)   10W, Power-on mode (Battery status)           2.5W, (Battery status)Stand-by mode (Bluetooth function off) 0.03W, Built-in Battery Battery Type Lithum-ion, Battery Capacity 2600mAh, Battery Charging time 3hr 40min., Battery Life 9hr

Accessories:  The wood version comes with a rather nice leather case thing.  It’s not the world most practical as when I used it I would accidently turn on the unit.  Still, it’s attractive.

Build Quality:  It would appear to be very well put together.  It’s very heavy for its size and the finish is impeccable as best my fingers and eyes can tell.

Aesthetics:  It is rather good looking.  The wood costs a huge premium so I’d make do with black or silver, though in photos they look nice too.  It’s a very small and mostly unassuming object.

Battery Life:  They say up to 10 hours, I gave up measuring so 10 seems a realistic figure to me though I’m sure it depends on how loud you play it.

Sound:  They have gone out of their way to make this sound not like it is.  It is a small little, itty bitty speaker yet its acoustic signature is very warm, very rich, very smooth and mid/bass centric.  It has much more the sound of a large but not great speaker and as such they have over warmed it.  Then the bass, well you simply can’t make tiny things do proper lows yet they have tried to give as bassy a presentation as they can.  I can see that it might be a popular sound and I’m sure it’s impressed many with it bass output for something so very tiny.  However it seem as though they have tried too hard.  The treble for instance, there is very little and once you go off axis it disappears, to me this feels like it’s been tuned with TV watching much more in mind and I’m sure it would make a great tiny sound bar.  It’s also got the ability to pair two of them and you can also pair to some LG TV’s and use them for surround sound. At that, totally wireless, I could them being fantastic little things.

Value:  At £66 it is rather capable for its tiny size and if you want tiny I don’t know anything better.  However at £130 for the wood one, err, no.  Sorry LG but its launch price of £150 is just crazy.

Pro’s:  Super tiny.  Very hearty sound for a tiny thing.  Good audio for such a tiny thing.

Con’s:  Much too mid/bass centric.  Treble shy.  Potentially very expensive.

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