Xiaomi Capsule Quick Review by mark2410

Xiaomi Capsule Quick Review by mark2410

Xiaomi Capsule Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to GearBest for the sample.

Brief:  Bent ear capsules.

Price:  £11 or about US$16

Specifications:  Connectivity : Wired, Application: Mobile phone, Portable Media Player, Plug Type: 3.5mm, Cable Length (m): 1.25m, Driver unit: 7mm, Sound channel: Two-channel (stereo), Frequency response: 20-20000Hz, Impedance: 32ohms, Sensitivity: 93dB

Accessories:  None.

Build Quality:  Fantastically good for the money.  They look and feel like a proper quality item despite their extremely low price.

Isolation:  When you get a good seal they isolate very well as though they may be dynamics but they are very tightly sealed.

Comfort/Fit:  Comfort, they were nice mostly, being all rubber they were pretty gentle on the ear.  Fit though, sadly I just could not get a good fit/seal in my left ear.  I could get a brief seal but it wouldn’t last and then the constant playing about meant there was constant pressure then suction on my ear and it became quite wearing.  Sadly they just didn’t fit me well and with their tips being non changeable there wasn’t much I could do about it.

Aesthetics:  I think they look bloody fantastic.  So seriously nice there is no way you’d ever guess these are anything like as cheap as they are.  They look great to me.

Sound:  Going by when I got them sealed they were pretty good.  They were extremely bassy as you might expect from their price, they are going for a very mainstream populist sound signature.  So gobs and gobs of bass.  Not the most solid bass perhaps but big and weighty.  The mids are fine, clear and clean enough for pop like vocals to come through with.  The treble is a bit on the subdued and subtle side but if you’re pairing with a meh source and not the best bit rates the last thing you want is abundant crisp treble.  They are tuned exactly with their price tag and the likely pairings in mind.  Pairings including the listener and what music they are listening to too.  Over all its nothing that I can fault, it’s a styling choice.  Not one for me perhaps but I’d wager my sister would love these in spades.

Value:  Great, a dirt cheap headset with controls that seems to work great with everything I tested, they look fantastic, they are stupidly cheap, thy roar out a massive amount of bass.  What else would someone buying a headset at this price be looking for?

Pro’s:  Looks awesome.  Super bassy.  Super cheap.

Con’s:  Super bassy.  Can’t change the tips.  Fit maybe hit or miss.

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