Trinity Audio Vyrus Earphone Quick Review

Trinity Audio Vyrus Earphone Quick Review

Trinity Audio Vyrus Earphone Quick Review

Trinity Audio Vyrus Earphone Review

Thanks to Trinity for the sample.

Brief:  I refuse to make a virus joke.

Price:  £59 or abouts US$73.

Specifications:  7mm Neodymium Titanium diaphragm Drivers, Impedance: 16Ohm, Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3DB, Frequency response: 20 – 20000Hz, 24ct Gold plated 3.5mm Jack, 1.4M length cable x2 (memory wire and non memory wire

Accessories:  You get a bunch of tips, 13 pairs I think, 2 cables, one with memory wire, the triangular case.  A 6.25 to 3.5 mm jack, a right angled jack, a shirt clip, two metal filter tubes and I think 7 pairs of acoustic filters.   Yeah so that means 7 sound configurations before you even look at the tips.

Build Quality:  The buds are metal, the jack is metal too.  The braided cables are thin so super flexible but I wouldn’t want to tow a car with them.

Isolation:  Pretty good.  They are dynamics so not super great and it changes a bit depending on your tip choice. So these would be okay for out and about and fine for on a bus.  Tube and flights I’d skip though.  As always they will be more than enough to get yourself run over of you don’t watch where you’re going near traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Great, no issues.  In and done.

Aesthetics:  I like them.  It’s no secret I like bare metal and this sort of dark gunmetal colour is my favourite.  I think they look pretty damn awesome, they may not be loved by everyone the same but come on, they look lush don’t they?

Sound:  Oh so much of an acoustic contradiction.  They have such a scaled, darkness to their body, their bass is so firmly ridged.  Solid, like some darkened gothic castle wall.  The treble instead of injecting light is more like a flash of lightning across a darkened stormy night.  There is the flash streaking across the sky, a brilliant, delicately beautiful fractal like streak yet that crack of thunder booms forth announcing its raw power.  Visually lightning is so fragile yet cracks out of nowhere, then it hits the ground and obliterates whatever it hits.  The bass here is that thunder clap, dark and foreboding yet such unyielding power.  The treble like the crackle of lightning across the sky, a light flash of brilliance.  You can of course play about with the relative abundances of them both with the stupid number of filter options.  You want more flashes of light?  Swap to a more trebly filter.  You want that solid unyielding bass to diminish, swap to bass lighter filter.  Personally I went with the Gold with dampener and it was like an acoustic thunder storm and very much fun.

Value:  At £59 it’s in a super competitive zone but this stands out a bit with all those filter option and tips.  Plus if you’re outside the UK with the present exchange rate you are getting a serious discount.  Cough, Christmas present, cough.

Pro’s:  A beautifully epic darkness to its presentation.  Darkly bassy yet with a coldness to it.  Squeee!!!

Con’s:  So many tip and filter options you’ll be forever wanting to swap them about.

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