Trinity Audio Phantom Sabre Earphone Quick Review

Trinity Audio Phantom Sabre Earphone Quick Review

Trinity Audio Phantom Sabre Earphone Quick Review

Trinity Audio Phantom Sabre Earphone Quick Review

Thanks to Trinity for the sample.

Brief:  That Vyrus thing, just more and better everything.

Price:  £125 or about US$152

Specifications:  All aluminium CNC machined shells, Twin push/pull driver set up, Titanium diaphragm drivers, Impedance: 16Ohm, Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3DB, Frequency response: 20 – 20000Hz, 24ct Gold plated 3.5mm Jack, 2 Pin detachable cables x 3 (included as standard) 1 x standard Trinity multi-braid 1 x memory wire multi-braid 1 x Fabric cable with mic/remote/volume control

Accessories:  5 x pairs tuning filters in standard length for shallow insertion and long length for deep insertion., OFC copper cables, Huge accessory package inc our standard case, 6.3mm adapter, 11 choices of eartips (S/M/M/L silicone, double flange,  M/L Memory foam, SPINFIT ear tips (SS/S/M/L)

Build Quality:  Excellent.  The jack, adapters and buds are all metal and you get 3 user swappable, replaceable cables.

Isolation:  A little dependent on your tip and filter choice but rather good for a dynamic.  I was happy to use out and about and on a bus.  Tube commutes and long flights they wouldn’t be my first choice.  Easily enough to make you road kill if you forget what your eyes are for near traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Excellent.  I didn’t love the shorter filters but the longer ones were perfect for me.  Happy to wear them all day and effortless to put in.

Aesthetics:  I love bare metal, especially this darkened gunmetal colour.  I think they look fantastic.

Sound:  Like their siblings the Vyrus these are beasts.  Loads of vigour and potency encapsulated in such an itty bitty package.  Their dual driver, push pull configuration means that the bass especially is so unyielding and firm.  Its gloriously good and manages to pull off a magnificently dark and grand acoustic signature.  So epically scaled in their power that to borrow from my Vyrus review, paint an image of dark and stormy night.  That foreboding sky, so dark yet with flashes of lightning flittering across the broad expanse of sky.  The darkness, the brilliance of the lightning, the bass the mesmerizing shimmer of treble providing contrast.  It is all an extravaganza of wonder that you seldom see these days.  So often bass, that darkness comes with great dollops of richness and warmth, not that they are bad things but I find this dark, this more greyly monochromatic presentation comes across sooooo much more clean in its presentation.  It may not be for everyone but I find it to highly refreshing whether you go for stupid amounts of bass or blindingly bright in your filter choices.  There is just something so pallet cleansing about the Sabre’s sound, love it.

Value:  At just £125 yep, you get every accessory you could think of and more then you get a very highly customisable sound with its array of filters and tip options.  There isn’t really any down side to the Sabres at this price.

Pro’s:  Epic, dark and grandiose sounding.  Highly customisable.  Vigorously impressive.

Con’s:  If you want to melt in to a warmly rich acoustic puddle, this isn’t it.

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