T-PEOS RASIEL Quick Review by mark2410

T-PEOS RASIEL Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to T-PEOS for the sample.

Brief:  Finder X1 lookalikes.

Price:  I am told they are expected to retail for circa US$40, which is about £27.

Specifications:  Driver Unit: Dynamic driver 10mm, Impedance 8 ohms, Sensitivity: 110+/-15%, Power: 3mW / 20mW, Frequency Response: 20Hz to 15kHz, Weight 8g, Cord: 1.2m Twisted.

Accessories:  3 pair of silicone tips, a pair of Comply’s, a shirt clip and a “fabric pouch.”

Build Quality:  The buds are solid metal, chrome plated brass apparently, they look quite nicely put together and especially that braided cable.  It’s all rather good for the price.

Isolation:  They, unusually for a dynamic, are sealed it would seem and thus they actually isolate, isolate pretty well too.  You could easily get away with using them for most activities, the Tube and long flights are still a bit much but you could survive with them.  More than easily enough to get yourself run over if you stop looking where you going.

Comfort/Fit:  On both counts they were very good.  I had no trouble at all with them worn up or down.

Aesthetics:  I look at them and I can’t help think Finder X1.  It’s that same colouring, bare metal, inverse trumpet, tapering shape that makes them had to grip when removing.  The buds and the cable both look highly attractive to me.

Sound:  These are on the whole, when weighed back and forth, are all about the bass.  They are not the deepest unless well powered, they however can pump out a tremendous amount of vigour.  Big beastly roawwwwrrrrrrrrr kinda bass is going on here.  They truly love nothing more than encountering some pop, bass cannon fodder music so they can let rip.  They have much junk in their trunk and they aren’t afraid to wave it up in “yo face.”  Okay so I’m not much with that sort of colloquialism but I’m sure you get my meaning.  They are big in the bottom and they love to show it off to all and sundry.  It’s fun, a little bit over eager perhaps but it’s still just damn good fun.  It a bit of a hump, it’s a little bit disjointed and separate from the mids.  Not unlike a 2.1 system with a moderately sized sub that can’t go all the way down so has a big hump of it.  That big hump then stands out a bit from where it mixes with the midrange.  It feels a touch out of step but its goodly entertaining.  The gap however that puts some space between the bass and the vocals so vocals don’t sound unduly influenced by that bass.  Mids start rather clearly distinct and separate.  They aren’t bad mids either, somewhat behind the quantity of bass but its overall W shaped sound signature leaves them more unencumbered than the bass quantity would suggest should be.  It’s good.  The treble, it’s got a bit of distance too and it is not bad for detail but it’s really rather more subtle about it.  There is a little peak from time to time at volume and when amped but mostly it’s a light wash of shimmer.  No crisp hard edges anywhere that I noticed.

Value:  A W shaped, bottom end slanted, big bassy, consumer friendly sound that’s rather good looking and have a nice cable too.  What’s not to like for US$40?

Pro’s:  Pretty buds.  Much junk in that trunk kinda bass.  Fab cable.

Con’s:  Bass is subtle like a sledge hammer to the face.  Upper end detail is a little diffuse.

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