MEEaudio M6 Quick Review

MEEaudio M6 Quick Review

Thanks to MEEaudio for the sample

Brief:  A fresh look at an oldie

Price:  US$20 or £16

Specifications:  Driver 9 mm ultra high performance drivers with neodymium magnets, frequency response 20 Hz to 20 kHz, impedance 16 Ohms at 1K, sensitivity           98 dB (1mW at 1KHZ), maximum power 30 mW, memory wire stainless steel, connector 3.5mm gold plated, right angle connector, cable color matched 130 cm (51 in) cord with attached shirt clip, water resistance rating IPX5

Accessories:  6 pairs of silicon tips, a shirt clip and a case.  All of which are coloured according to which colour earphones you get.

Build Quality:  Very good, you never know to look or touch them as to how cheap they are.

Isolation: Very good for a dynamic.  Easily one of the very best isolating dynamics, practically at the lower end of what a BA IEM can do.  Easily fine for normal out and about or on a bus uses.  Even flight or the occasional Tube commute you’d be okay with.  Naturally easily enough to get yourself killed if you don’t keep your eyes open when you’re near traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Excellent.  A little bit of driver flex but otherwise no issue in fitting them nor wearing them for hours.

Aesthetics:  They come in a heap of colours but it my opinion the clear ones look just stunning.  The clear buds with the silver woven, then transparent coated cable is pretty much the best looking cable ever.

Sound:  Bass.  Like the song says these are “All About The Bass.”  They are simply at their most happy when they are thundering out a gargantuan bass line.  My own musical tastes may be rather somewhat more sedate so for me , oh my it’s a bit a show stopper.  Its beastly, potently violent when push that volume dial.  Lol, it’s mental.  If you need yousinuse need blown out these’ll do it.  Owl City’s “Tidal Wave” while a fast paced, rhythmically lively pop extravaganza, the bass, oh my the bass.  Its skull punching, thankfull these aren’t the firmest in the base, they are a touch soft which is a factor of their cheapness but its highly welcome for me.  This level of quantity and its desire to leap all over the place with the slightest provocation would otherwise kill me.  They are marketed as gym earphones (IP5X sweat resistance rated) and if you need a bass line to haul yourself through a session, this is the sort of bass that’ll do it.  It’ll simply grab you by the collar and throw you through the nearest plate glass window.  It’s not trying to be same great acoustic masterpiece, it’s a beast, a beast with a clear purpose in life.

Value:  Silly cheap, look orgasmiclly good, and they either have a sound you will love or hate.  Super value.

Pro’s:  Look sublimely good.  Stupid bass power.  Look fantastically good.

Con’s:  They are rather unruly.  That bass its skull crusing.

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