J&L Real J&L-100 Quick Review by mark2410

J&L Real J&L-100 Quick Review by mark2410

J&L Real J&L-100 Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to J&L Real for the sample.

Brief:  Bluetooth does bass.

Price:  US$28 which is about £19

Specifications:  Bluetooth 4.0, Chip: CSR8635, Noise reduction: CVC 6.0, Operation Range: 33 feet, Dimensions: 33.6 x 24.3 x 28.5mm/1.32 x 0.96 x 1.12 in, Battery Capacity: 70mAh Over 4 hrs Music Playback, Charge time: 1-2 hrs, Standby time: 175 hrs, Weight: 0.58 ounces/16.5 g

Accessories:  3 * ear tips (S, M, L), 3 * stabilizers (S, M, L), 1 * USB Cable, 1 * User Manual, 1 * Carry Pouch

Build Quality:  Perfectly reasonable.  They look a bit plasticky but they are plastic and they are really cheap too so it’s not unexpected.

Isolation:  Pretty good.  I’d be fine using these out and about, or a bus, that sort of stuff.  Not really Tube or flight worthy but better than nothing.  Naturally it’s still more than enough to get you run ever if you don’t watch where you going.

Comfort/Fit:  Pretty good.  They are a bit big and slightly unusually shaped however I had no issues.  I could wear them up fine too, one I removed the “stabilisers” anyway.  Those I didn’t love but they come off easy if you want.

Aesthetics:  They come in tree colour options, a black, red and green.  They are still mostly black with offsets but mine are the all black.  They look fine.  Nothing great but not ugly either, kinda so so.

Sound:  Here’s where things pickup somewhat.  While the sound quality isn’t exactly off the charts great, when you keep in mind that they contain a DAC, an amp, battery and all the wireless gubbins.  Then on top of all of that they have the actual earphones too it’s clear you have a bit of a bargain on your hands.   The bass here is what is dominant, its quality is adequate, it’s mostly about the scale and the presence it brings, its big, hearty and so full bodied.  The mids too are pretty reasonable.  They are a bit on the warmish side and slightly creamy.  Perhaps a touch thickish but this warm presentation is rather pleasant.  It also is highly complementary to most bouncy pop style vocals.  It helps to gloss over vocal issues and mastering troubles with a more smooth and consistent presentation.  The treble is somewhat light but that’s to be expected.  Its quality isn’t bad, it’s a dusting of sparkle and with its slightly warmed, gently sanded makes a for a very easy on the ear treble.  Overall its leaves a bass slanted, warm and smooth presentation.

Value:  While they may not be kings of audio quality, their price, well you just can’t argue with that.  For their price tag you get a very capable and good sounding Bluetooth earphone.

Pro’s:  Dirt cheap.  Bassy and rich sound.  Easy on the ear.

Con’s:  A rather flavoured sound.  Not the best lookers.

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