Fidue A65 Quick Review

Fidue A65 Quick Review

Thanks to hifiheadphones for the sample.

Brief:  Don’t mind if Fidue (sorry but I had to:-)

Price £50 or about US$70

Specifications:  Driver Unit: 8mm dynamic Drive with Titanium Composites, Frequency response: 16Hz – 22000 Hz, Rated impedance: 16Ω, Sensitivity: 101db, Distortion: <1%, Max Input Power: 30mW, Plug: 3.5mm mini stereo gold-plated plug, Cable: 1.3m, Sensitivity of Mic: -42+-3db, S/N Ratio of Mic: >55db

Accessories:  Silicone eartips (S/M/L), Double flange silicone eartips, High quality pouch and lastly a shirt clip.

Build Quality:  They would appear to be quite exemplary, my fingers and eyes both agree these are a quality object.

Isolation:  So so at best.  I mean if you are coming from using earbuds then you’ll likely be amazed but if you’re coming from a pair of Ety’s then you won’t be chuffed.  They are middling to the lower end of the level we see from most dynamics.  I mean music playing it’ll be fine to easily over shadow traffic noise but, on a bus I’d be weary of being that guy.  Still as ever with them playing it’s all more than sufficient to get yourself run over of you aren’t using your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Good.  I had no trouble at all but if you wear down they are a little weighty and can tug at the ear a little.  Wear them up and your fine.

Aesthetics:  I see copper and I think a bit blingy but the offset of the, err dark ish metal both being brushed and thusly not so highly reflective, I rather like.  They’re nice.

Sound:  They are bassy but it’s a dark bass, not warmed, not really what I’d call cold but just no added warmth.  A bit dark, soulless, detached something that I cannot quite find the words for.  There is something dark there but no usual accompaniment of the rich warmth that is almost always the case with elevated bass.  I like it, it helps keep the bass clean and detached.  It is a bit elevated and its elevation continues towards the lower mid ranges.  Male vocals tend to a touch boosted but again there isn’t the typical richness to the elevation.  It’s curious.  Girly vocals don’t stand out so much and can be a little dead inside.  There isn’t the creamy richness that its darkened presentation normally offers.  Gah, there is a darkened something, something a little detached going on here but I just can’t nail what.  In the highs they are mostly subdued.  They are not particularly apparent but hey are cleanly rendered.  Just faintly delicate, clean, but in the back and they never come close to dominant.  Even when pushed, they are really quite treble subdued.  My ears are bang on pleased with that.  It does have a beautiful metallic edged twang when cymbals are struck.

Value:  Yey!  They are lovely value but then there are so many things from the Far East that are.  These happen to very much suit my own tastes, gloriously scaled bass, crisply clean yet subdued treble, yeah im a bit of a fan.

Pro’s:  Darkly gorgeous sound.  Bass is epically and darkly glorious.  Crisp shimmery treble.

Con’s:  Vocals a little soulless. Can’t do lightly open and airy.

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