E’NOD Waveport Waterproof Earphones / DAP Quick Review

E’NOD Waveport Waterproof Earphones / DAP Quick Review

E’NOD Waveport Waterproof Earphones / DAP Quick Review

Thanks to E’NOD for the sample. (Kickstarter)

Brief:  Earphones you can swim with

Price:  Normally US$90 but US$49 on Kickstarter right now or US$79 for two pairs

Specifications:  Waterproof Level: IPX7, Bluetooth: 4.2, Wireless range: 10M, MP3 Capacity: 8G, Music Play Time: 6-8 hrs, Talk Time: 6h, Standby time: 175hours, Battery capacity:  120mAh, Size: 544x31x23mm

Accessories:  Micro USB cable, Charging cradle/ dock thing, 4 pairs of normal tips, 4 pairs of water proof swimming tips and lastly a baggy to keep them safe.

Build Quality:  They seem very nice, if you’re going to be water tight then I guess you’ve got to be don’t you?

Isolation:  Really rather good for a dynamic.  These are naturally very sealed and thus they block out a bit more that is typical.  So please d try not to get yourself run over when using them, you won’t hear traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Fit was a little fussy, due to being super tightly sealed they create a very hard seal.  That takes my ears a little time to adjust but once seated and stable, good.  The comfort then was absolutely fine.  Just so long as you don’t have to pull them out and back in regularly.

Aesthetics:  Nice, I rather like them more in real life than from the pics.  In photos they seem more glossy, reflective, than they do in my hand.  Not especially great looking or anything but not bad.

Sound:  Ever the heart of the matter, the key attribute of an earphone is always audio quality however these aren’t just earphones.  They are also their own DAP and they are waterproof and they have a mic in them and they offer Bluetooth playback and phone call use.  You get a lot of stuff bundled into a small package.  Therefore I think you need to look at their audio in that context.  Their audio is squarely aimed at a poppy, lively, bouncy sound.  These are meant for use in the gym, running, swimming pool etc etc and so they want to be lively and engaging.  They are not aiming for a purist audiophile sound where you can relax or revel in some symphonic masterpiece.  No, they are for quick, punchy, thumpingly energetic tracks.  With that in mind that’s exactly what they deliver.  It’s a fun and entertaining, sprightly sounding earphone that helps to push you ever onward.  It’s nice, fun, happy stuff.

Balance wise it’s fairly even, a slight V shape so slightly boosted bass and treble.  It’s really exactly what you expect from a product in this category and for the price it delivers well.

Value:  The closest competition I know is from Sony and is very considerably more costly and that’s going by the normal price for these, not its more than half price Kickstarter backing price.  When you look at what you can get there it’s undoubtedly a bit of a steel for this sort of product.

Pro’s:  Excellent value.  Highly versatile usability.  Waterproof.

Con’s:  Super tight seal can put pressure on those with sensitive ears.

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