DUNU TITAN 5 Quick Review

DUNU TITAN 5 Quick Review

Thanks to DUNU for the sample.

Brief:  DUNU have triplets.

Price:  £95 or US$140

Specification:  Driver: 13 mm Titianium drivers, Frequency Response: 10 Hz- 40KHz, Sound pressure level: 108 +/- 2 dB, Impedance: 32 Ohm, Plug Size: 3.5 gold-plated plug, Cord length: 1.2m

Accessories:  1 X case, 1 X 3.5mm to 6.3mm audio adapter, 1 X shirt clip, 6 pairs of silicon tips

Build Quality:  Very nice.  The buds are CNC’ed metal, the cable is removable from the beds and thusly replaceable if you kill it.  The cable feels alright, very light and flexible and the jack is metal as usual.  It’s a rather nice package.

Isolation:  Well it’s a very open IEM, hence the isolation it offers is very slight.  If you want isolation then this isn’t for you.

Comfort/Fit:  For me great.  I mostly wore them up which worked fine by swapping right and left.  With that done I was happy to wear all day.  Worn down I found their shallow fit made them regularly tugging and being distracting.

Aesthetics:  They look pretty good I think.  Nothing amazing but still quite nice.

Sound:  Well the meat of thing, they sound pretty damn fantastic.  Seriously they are wow for an IEM, the air, the scale, the airiness, the detail levels are all crazy.  No question the TITAN 5 is amazingly good.  The problem is its slight V shape sound isn’t really the best suited to their abilities and thus I constantly think the 1 and 3 are what I’d go with.  It’s a shame really for the 5 as they are great.  The bass is a big full bodied affair, so clean and sculpted yet willing to rise up at a moment’s notice.  The treble is a little less well behaved.  When pushed its upper mid / lower treble range want to get a little bit excitable and “assertive.”  It will leap out and scream at you a little.  The mids, clean, open and highly detailed.  They really are a breathy wonder in their own right, they really are.  Trouble is I’d pick the 1 or the 3 over the 5 in pretty much every situation I can think of.  The range shows the driver which I’m sure they all share is freakishly good but the tuning here, these want to be proper audiophile IEM’s and the tuning I can’t see appealing to hard core audiophiles.  On the other side I can’t see it being as dramatically V shaped as might make it more popular with the masses.  It feels a little bit like its sitting in a room by itself, not quite one thing nor the other.

So the Titan 5 is a great IEM, it’s just its siblings are every bit as capable but with preferable sound signatures.

Value:  Excellent.  The sound quality and capabilities for their price you get a bargain just like everything with DUNU stamped on it has been.

Pro’s:  First rate sound quality.  Staging and scale are epic.

Con’s:  Negligible Isolation.  That lower treble peak.  Its siblings exist.

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