Accutone Taurus Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Taurus Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Taurus Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Taurus Earphone Review

Thanks to Accutone for the sample.

Brief:  Pricing discrepancy extraordinaire.

Price:  PPR is US$90, Amazon US says US$23

Specifications:  Erm 9mm driver.  I’m not copying the manual from the Pisces out by hand.

Accessories:  You get a nice tip selection and the cable is removable which is nice.  The case though, well it doesn’t really fit so, yeah maybe go buy one that does.

Isolation:  Not big isolators, probably okay for on a bus or out and about near traffic.  You’ll still have to remember keep an eye out for traffic with music playing though, so please, do remember to keep your eyes open.

Comfort/Fit:  Great for both.  Their shape and the removable swirling cables meant I could wear them up or down and they were perfectly comfortable.  Then it was just a shove in and done. Simples.

Sound:  Yeah they may say there are by default set to make the bass and they are very heavy.  You can however turn it down and when you do the get much less bad.  The bass behaves a bit more and stops flabbing up all over the place.  With it at min they are not too bed.  They aren’t exactly great though but enough that in can say they have been pretty enjoyable to play with.  They are bassy, reasonable in the mids and forgiving and mild in the treble.  So for my treble sensitive ears they were pretty easy going.  Still, if I said I loved these I’d be lying.  Looking at their RRP of $90 I’m sorry but no.  Then they appear on Amazon US at $23 which is vast difference.  At that then they rocket up the value charts and their audio, their removable cable, their everything takes on a completely different tone.  At that price they are cracking little things that I could absolutely give a huge thumbs up to, hand on heart at $23 they are super-duper nice.  At $90 I cannot say the same.

Value:  Yeah at US$23 awesome.  At US$90 not so much.

Pro’s:  Variable bass output.  Removable cables.  Good mic.

Cons:  Mediocre sound quality.

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