Superlux HD681 EVO Quick Review

Superlux HD681 EVO Quick Review

Thanks to GearBest for the sample.

Brief:  They may look cheap but they sound anything but.

Price:  US$32 or £23

Specification:  Headset type: Dynamic, Connectivity: Wired, Connecting interface : 3.5mm, Application: Mobile phone, Computer, Sport, Portable Media Player, Aviation, DJ, Cable Length (m): 1m, Driver unit: 50mm, Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz, Impedance: 32ohms, SNR: 98dB, Input Power: 300mW ( max )

Accessories:  Package Contents: 1 x Headset, 1 x 1m Cable, 1 x 3m Cable, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Buckle, 1 x Storage Pouch (buckle?  Erm that’s what the website says yet no mention of the other ear pads.)

Build Quality:   Well…… it seems sturdy enough but it’s all glossy plastic and the headband rest thing is very plasticy too.  So while it doesn’t feel like it’s going to break or anything it’s all plastic and not the best to the touch plastic either.

Isolation:  While they are partially closed, they are still open.  They isolate hardly any at all so if you need iso, skip these.  Definitely not one I’d want for outdoor use unless you want everyone near you to be audible and for them to want to hit you.

Comfort/Fit:  They are not bad, the pads do rest on the ear so it can get a little stifling after a few hours but….. they are pretty much fine.  I was reasonably happy to wear them for hours at a time.

Aesthetics:  From a distance, they look rather AKG like don’t they?  Well get up close and that illusion disappears.  These are considerably cheaper looking, they look cheap and plasticy.  Not that they are ugly per say, but I wouldn’t think you’ll get mugged for them anytime soon.

Sound:  Have I been a little so so about them so far?  Yeah because these aren’t lookers and they don’t isolate for toffee but the sound?  Bugger me they sound insane for the price.  That they can post the things from the other side of the planet and sound like this for £23, just how????????  They sound fantastic, utterly fantastic, just simply incredible in the literal sense that they defy credibility.  So long as you ignore their labelling as “monitors” they aren’t, they aren’t anywhere near monitor like.  The bass in particular is great big badonkadonk bass.  Right up front, in your face, bouncing and jiggling all over the shop.  It’s awesome, a little bit silly perhaps but just nuts.  Big, jiggly, bouncing all over, so in your face and vigorous.  Just so much energy and playfulness that with its open nature means it’s much more articulated and clean than something closed would be.  The mids too, are just so open, dynamic, airy, yet a touch creamy, just excellent for the money.  The treble isn’t quite so accomplished, it’s a bit reduced in volume (which is wise) and there is a bit of a lower treble range spike that at volume gets a little ear tiring.  Still the detail and the shimmer they give is outstanding for the price.  If these cost more I could tear into to the treble a little because it’s not perfect but that price tag……. That price tag means I just can’t.  Sure they aren’t perfect but come on, £23 delivered, you’re practically stealing them at that price.

Value:  Shut up and buy a pair!!!

Pro’s:  Stupidly cheap.  Stupidly good sounding.  Badonkadonk bass.

Con’s:  Look cheap and plasticy.  Feel cheap and plasticy.

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