Superlux HD668B Quick Review by mark2410

Superlux HD668B Quick Review by mark2410

Superlux HD668B Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to GearBest for the sample.

Brief:  Stupid cheap sorta monitors

Price:  £20 or US$26

Specifications:  Headset type: Dynamic, Connectivity : Wired, Application: Computer, DJ, Mobile phone, Portable Media Player, Plug Type: 3.5mm,Full-sized, Driver unit: 50mm, Sound channel: Two-channel (stereo), Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz

Accessories:  1 x 1m Cable, 1 x 3m Cable, 1 x 6.5mm Interface Connector, 1 x Cable Clamp, 1 x Storage Bag

Build Quality:  They feel sturdy enough in the hand but, well they aren’t the best looking nor the best to the touch.  They look and they feel kinda cheap.  I mean they seem sturdy enough but they are what they are.

Isolation:  Err, they are semi open so they isolate almost nothing.  These are not cans for using on the Tube or in a library.

Comfort/Fit:  Fit was easy and comfort was mostly good.  They do like to clamp pretty firmly and they did squish the bottom tips of my ears a little.  Still was fine to wear for few hours at a tmie with no probs.

Aesthetics:  Err, yeah see build quality.  These look very plasticky and not the sort of thing that says, oh hive got fancy headphones.  These don’t look awesome I’m afraid.  Functional they are over aesthetically pleasing.

Sound:  Where the previous aspects were a bit so so, the sound quality is jaw dropping good.  For the price, delivered for US$26 is just insane, I mean how, how do they even post them for that never mind that they don’t just sound decent but sound incredibly good.  It really is incredible.  These being the 3rd Superlux I’ve played with I feel I can stop with the constantly checking they send me the right thing, that I’m looking at the right price.  These sound phenomenally good for the price.  The bass is so clean and articulate.  Death is so so but open cans always are really.  The mids are filled with detail and nuance.  A little dry, which enhances the perception of clarity and openness.  The treble is likewise the same.  So detailed and nuanced but it does like to get a tiny bit over eager and when you play back bad treble it will very happily assault you with it.  It takes no prisoners and that can be rather wearing, tiring on my little sensitive ears.  However the quality is crazy.  In terms of balance they are rather even with a slight bump to the uppers so the bass in particular with its open lack of depth can be over shadowed.  Bass head cans these are not.  Perhaps treble head ones maybe.

In short, wow, crazy good detail and clarity.  Bargain basement “monitor” neutral cans.

Value:  Stupidly stupendous good value.

Pro’s:  Insane good value.  Stunning audio quality.  Superb detail levels.

Con’s:  A little too eager in the treble.  Look cheap and plasticy.  Feel cheap and plasticy.

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