Mixcder ShareMe Pro Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review

Mixcder ShareMe Pro Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review

Mixcder ShareMe Pro Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review

Thanks to Mixcder for the sample.

Brief:  Bluetooth bass monsters.

Price:  £40 or US$45

Specifications:  Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.1+EDR, Bluetooth Distance: 10 Metres, Wearing Style: Over-the-Ear, Item Weight: 230g(8.45oz), Driver Size: 40mm (1.57 inches) Neodymium magnet, Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz, Microphone Remote: Yes, Charging Time: 2-2.5 hours, Support profile: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP

Accessories:  1 USB charging cable, 1 3.5 mm audio cable, 1 Quick start guide.

Build Quality:  Most pleasant, nicely put together and no imperfections that I could make out.

Isolation:  Not vastly much.  You could get by for out and about but I’d be weary of being that guy on a bus.  So not one for Tube or flight.  Naturally it’s with music playing sufficient to get yourself run over if you aren’t paying attention to traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Great. The pads were nicely soft on my ears and while I wanted a breather after a few hours they were soft on the ear.

Aesthetics:  Mero than anything, they are a bit nondescript.  Nothing especially eye catching nor anything off-putting.  They are mostly matte black plastic so I found them reasonably pleasant to look at.

Sound:  There is no way around the fact that these are bass monsters.  They have gobs of bass and it’s overwhelming at times, oppressive, suffocating to the mid rand treble ranges.  The bass is the star of the show and it’s not in the least reticent about letting you know it.  Big bass cannons, monsters well and truly.  If you’re after something with huge bass and you want Bluetooth then you’re onto a winner with this one.  The bass is vast and ever present.  Its depth is a little so so in the lower reaches the bass is mostly in the middling and upper bass ranges where it dominates.  The bass influences the entire spectrum and does throw a bit of a veil over vocal details and treble.  It’s a not a detail orientated headphone and its softened treble is super highly forgiving of badly recorded, mastered or bad bit rate music.  Just the sort of thing many might want for charty top 40 stuff.  Gobs and bobs of big, weight, hearty, thickly warm bass.

Value:  Its got nice functionality, I like its controls, its got headset functionality and you can use it cable if that long 20 hour of use battery gives up.  So long as you want a beastly amount of bass youll be grand.

Pro’s:  Huge bass presence.  Great battery life.

Con’s:  Huge bass presence.

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