Mixcder ShareMe 5 Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review

Mixcder ShareMe 5 Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review

Mixcder ShareMe 5 Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review

Mixcder ShareMe 5 Bluetooth Headphone Review

Thanks to Mixcder for the sample.

Brief:  Pretty, warm and sharing.

Price:  £46 or in Trumpland US$56

Specifications:  Type: Over-the-ear headphones, Colour: Gloss black, Driver Size: 40 mm, Transducer Type: Dynamic, Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz, Impedance: 32 Ohms, Senstivity:95±3db, Charging takes 1.5 hours, Playing Time: 16 Hours, Talking Time:14 Hours, Bluetooth Profiles Supported:HSP,HFP,A2DP,AVRCP, Operating Range:33 feet (10 m)

Accessories:  ·1 x 3.5 mm audio cable, ·1 x Universal USB charging cable, ·1 x User’s manual

Build Quality:  Perfectly fine,  neat and tidy though they are very lightweight, good for wearing but some equate light with not sturdy.  They feel fine to me in the hand.

Isolation:   they were not bad, they just almost made it all round my ears so the isolation wasn’t the highest possible but good enough for out and about, on a bus. Flights and Tube id skip.  With music more than enough to drown out traffic so use your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Very good.  With them being so light they don’t have to clamp hard.  I was happy wearing for hours at a time with no issues.

Aesthetics:  They are visually subtle but I like them. They look pretty and that sweeping, twisting curve and how it extends all the way round them to me, shows some real attention to detail.  Pretty.

Sound:  A highly flavoured offering, warm and rich in abundance.  The bass is rather elevated too and is more expansive in the way it like to bloom more than to be impactful.  Warmly sumptuous, enveloping, creamy, heavy sounding etc etc, you know the drill.  Bass is elevated quite a bit, mids are next then the treble taking up the rear.  Mids are heavy and creamy too as is the treble.  Soft and gentle, it all likes to create a bit of a soft focus, warmly smooth picture for you.  It sands down any sharp edges, mellows things and covers up any poor mastering or poor bit rates. It’s all a bit warm for me but it creates a pleasing picture, focusing on the whole rather than any specific details.  Warm, smooth, rich, heavy are the words of the day.  While these do great for soft jazz and for mainstream pop alike I might have alike a little less warmth to them but hey, they are what they are and I don’t doubt that typical consumers will highly appreciate them doing their best to lowlight the imperfections in their favourite chart topping pop hits.

Value:  They are a great price, highly flavoured but with their warm crowd pleasing sound signature that can run wired or Bluetooth for a rather competitive price, that they are very light and thus very comfortable to wear is just gravy.

Pro’s:  Highly flavoured warm sound.  Thick and sumptuous presentation.

Con’s:  Too highly warmed for me.  Richness and thickness obscures fine details.

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