Bluedio Vinyl Plus Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio Vinyl Plus Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio Vinyl Plus Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio Vinyl Plus Bluetooth Headphone Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Bluedio for the sample.

Price: £150 or US$250

Specifications:  Bluetooth version: 4.1+EDR, Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, Bluetooth transmission frequency: 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz, Bluetooth operating range: up to 33 feet (free space), Drivers: Φ70mm, SPL: 116dB, Impedance: 16Ω, Frequency response: 15Hz-25,000Hz, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) : <0.1%, Bluetooth music/talk time: about 20 hours, Standby time: up to 1100 hours, Charging time: 2 hours for full charge, Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ to 50℃ only, Headphones dimensions: 174*158*90mm, Package dimensions: 252*245*122mm, Headphones weight: 366g, Package weight: 1565g

Accessories:  3.5mm audio cable, Charging cable, Y cable, Cable with remote and mic, Carrying case with a buckle, Pouch for cables, User manual

Build Quality:  Very nice.  It’s big and eye catching twisted metal band to cup attachment is very solid feeling not to mention it looks great.  The build all appears to be of a high standard.

Isolation:  Not bad.  Totally fine for out and about use, even on a bus I think it would be okay so long as you don’t go crazy with the volume.  Tube and flights, well not quite what I’d want but would do in a pinch if you’ve nothing else.  Naturally that means it got more than enough for you to not hear that wheeled chariot of death hurtling your way, so do remember to use your eyes when near traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Fit was easy, on and done, no fiddling.  The comfort though.  Well the pads, they are lovely and squishy but they are perfectly round and while that looks great, you know what’s not round?  My ears.  So that means that they sit on my ears at bits and that after a few hours gets wearing.  Not painful but that irritating, oppressive I want them off feeling.  Fine for an hour or two but after that my ears need a break.

Aesthetics:  They look great.  A little blingy maybe, that big polished metal twisting arm is rather eye catching.  I do find it rather visually pleasing, the black, the highly polished silver, it looks very nice if you ask me.

Sound:  These are clearly aiming for a bass centric sound, which I may find a little at odds with their name, I hear Vinyl and I think Grado like treble to counter the listeners maturing hearing response and compensating by whacking up the treble.  These aren’t that by any stretch.  They are highly bass dominant and its big, weighty, powerful bass too.  It hits like a softened pillow that is backed up by a ton of bricks.  A beguiling softened initial impact but serious power following it up.  It’s not the most nimble but it’s so super eager to hurl it and you from one side of the room to the other.  It’s so energetically enthusiastic.  You’ll do well to just go along for the ride and enjoy it.  It’s fun, its wild, it’s a bassy party cannon.  Depth is a little bit declining but you won’t be listening to pipe organ music on these so who cares.  Mids are a little warmed, a little thickened but they do have breadth to them that gives them some space.  They are clean and nicely articulate so long as you are happy to give up a bit of breathiness.  They do want to give vocals all a tiny dash of warmed cream.  The treble is rather good.  It’s quite subdued and delicate though it does have a little peak that cuts through with some clarity.  Its initial impacts are slightly softy metallic, so clear and they have a brief but most pleasant decay.  However this isn’t a can for treble heads, even pairing with a cool, dry amp the treble is never going to dominate, ever no matter how nicely a decorating it may provide.  It will forever be merely side decoration.

Value:  Great stuff, sure they are too bassy but oodles of fun and they are Bluetooth capable yet priced like they were just wired.  It’s a quality, big bassy fun time wireless party machine.

Pro’s:  Bluetooth.  Great value.  Woooo Party!!!  Bass.

Con’s:  Bass dominant.  Blingy looks say “Steal me.”

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