AudioMX HB-S3 Bluetooth Headphones Quick Review

AudioMX HB-S3 Bluetooth Headphones Quick Review

AudioMX HB-S3 Bluetooth Headphones Quick Review

AudioMX HB-S3 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Thanks to AudioMX for the sample.

Brief:  A shining Blue(tooth) Star.

Price:  £45 or US$65

Specifications:  Since I couldn’t find a list I could copy, you’re getting the highlights from the manual.  Battery is 420mAh, Impedance is 32 ohms, charging time is 3 hours, music playback time is 24 hours, talk time is 18 hours, standby time is 900 hours, driver is 40mm. Bluetooth version is 4.1, supported profiles are A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, weight is 255g and lastly, the chip  is a CSR 8645 with aptX.

Accessories:  You get a micro USB cable, a 3.5 to 3.5mm male to male audio cable and you get a rather nice nylon baggy to keep them in.

Build Quality:  Very nice, the majority of them are plastic but that big grey, cup to head band attaching thing is one big lump of metal.  They look not bad but they feel even better.  For the price they are nicely sturdy.

Isolation:  Well, it’s a bit meh to be honest.  I’d be okay walking about outside with them but even on a bus, na I’d probably not never mind the Tube or a flight.  Though as ever with music playing you want hear traffic so do remember to use your eyes, or get run over.

Comfort/Fit:  Very good actually.  They may not have the biggest cups ever but they just, only just mind, made it fully around my ears.  I was fine to wear them for hours at a time with no bother.  Your ears may not however as they only just barely made it fully round mine.

Aesthetics:  They are not bad, alright looking.  Actually they did grow on me too, they are visually a bit conservative but the matte metallic bits with the rubberised matte black cups too, it’s nice.  Nicer in person that it comes across in pics.

Sound:  Excellent.  While only a tiny bit more expensive than things like the T3 or AH07 but the tuning on these, the acoustic balance is waaaaay better.  Okay so it’s not other planet stuff but for a couple of quid there is very noticeable difference.  These are hands down better.  They may not please all though as their balance is less super bass heavy.  Don’t get me wrong they are still bass heavy but not massively bass heavy, bass heads will like the T3 better I’d expect.  These however are tuned to be bassy yet as a crazy audio person I was really enjoying them.  They won’t replace an HD600 or anything but for a cheap headphone, cabled and Bluetooth that looks pretty good these are great.  Bit bassy but with a good dip to separate the bass from mids and highs.  They are mostly slanted towards the low end and a hint treble shy at times depending on where the peak is in the music.  They are something that would make for a great transitional step from bass head toward a more HiFi signature.  Detail levels too are really nice for a product of this nature.  In short their audio is excellent stuff for a cheap wireless headphone.

Value:  Excellent.  For a tiny bit more than some others these are a very clear step about them in acoustic quality.

Pro’s:  Great audio quality.  Great audio balance.  Great price.  Good looks and build.

Con’s:  Hard-core bass heads may be disappointed.

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