Obravo ERIB-2a Quick Review

Obravo ERIB-2a Quick Review

Thanks to the UK Loaner Tour for the loan.

Brief:  Itty bitty Planar magnetic / Dynamic hybrid IEM’s

Price:  £549 or about US$765 (that includes UK tax though)

Specifications:  Frequency Response: 20Hz~35KHz, Tweeter: 8mm Planar Magnetic Tweeter, Dynamic Driver: 10mm Neodymium Driver, Impedance: 16 ohm, Sensibility in dB: 102dB, Weight: 35g

Accessories:  Giant case thing, a 6.25mm to 3.5mm adapter, 2 pairs of ear guide things, 6 pairs of silicon tips and I think 3 pairs of Comply’s.

Build Quality:  It seems rather good, the buds are all metal, the cable seems fine and they are replaceable with very large strain reliefs.

Isolation:  So so.  They are rather open backed so isolation suffers but then you get a nice airy soundstage so swings vs roundabouts.  It’s not really great for on a bus or out and about but with music on you’ll be fine.  However you’ll really want to use these somewhere more quiet and where you won’t disturb others.  You probably won’t notice traffic creeping up behind you so remember to use your eyes when using.

Aesthetics:  These in my eyes aren’t particular lookers.  That giant strain relief on the cable near the buds doesn’t look super either.

Sound:  Highly gently pleasant.  The sound is nice, mellow and soft and so unhurried.  You can just melt away into its gentle detail.  They are pretty wide ranging, the bass boing full and for something open reaches nicely low.  It’s also rather cleanly articulate.  The treble too is all very proficient and unaggressive.  Mids are nice, a little on the warm, lower frequency focused.  No spikes nor shouts, the exact opposite of sibilant.  It’s all, err, very pleasant.  However there is something about them, they for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on they feel slightly veiled.  They are detailed but it’s so gently presented it could sail right by you without your noticing, noticing that were was even anything there to begin with.  I am not normally one for wanting more edge, aggressiveness or brutality but…. these are just so laid back as to be near comatose.  They haven’t any life nor soul, I want them to wake the hell up.  Even pairing with the relatively crisp Studio they are still just so benign.  Don’t get me wrong they aren’t “bad” just so tepid.

Acoustically they are technically good, competent, detailed, on paper they are highly accomplished they just aren’t very exciting.

Value:  Erm these are frighteningly expensive, not bad sounding but that’s some serious wallet ouch.

Pro’s:  Super inoffensive acoustically.  Nicely open sounding

Con’s:  Tepid.  Seriously wallet ouchy price tag.

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