Nouske NH-14 Quick Review

Nouske NH-14 Quick Review

Thanks to Nouske for the sample

Brief:  Denmark, not just butter and bacon anymore.

Price:  US$50 or £38 Drivers: Dual-Driver, 10mm dynamic + Balanced armature

Specifications:  Sensitivity: 112 dB/1mw, Impedance: 32 OHM, Frequency response: 8 Hz-26000 Hz, Jack Type : 3.5mm Stereo Gold-plated plug, Cable length: 1.22m.

Accessories:  4 pairs of silicon ear tips.

Build Quality:  Very nice, it all would appear to very nicely put together.

Isolation:  Good.  Towards the upper end of what a dynamic gives.  So fine for out and doubt, on a bus etc etc.  Not really quite up to Tube or flight levels but still easily enough to get yourself run over.  Please do remember to use your eyes people.

Comfort/Fit:  Great.  They are a bit on the biggish side but in the ears they went and I had no issue seating them or any comfort issues.  I was happy to use them for several hours at a time with no issues.

Aesthetics:  Weirdly their colouring options are gold, black or wood.  Wood isn’t unusual in itself but they look radically different from the black and gold ones.  Presumably it’s the same in side however.  I can’t say I’m wild about gold as a rule, I’d prefer silver but the black ones look pretty nice.

Sound:  So not one but two drivers in them, not any that they are hybrids with one dynamic and one balanced armature inside.  Just even two years back people would have thought you crazy trying to pair the two radically differently behaving driver types into one, not just that, but into one this price?!?!?!?  The dynamic in there shifts the low end air movement.  It’s big, powerful and can give a big rumbly sound, feel too in a way BA’s can’t.  The bass may be the star of the show in fact.  It’s clearly very well-articulated but not hard nor over aggressive.  A little soft maybe for some perhaps but I find this to be superbly easy on the ear.  It’s not flabby, it’s just a little soft at the edges with a more rigid core underneath.  Rich deep lows sound vigorous and powerful when called upon however it’s more natural state is a sweepingly melodic tonality.  It’s just so nice on the ear.  Mids are touch pushed back and a little one the warm side for me but again they are so nicely easy on the ear.  The detail levels are good (unsurprising given it’s a BA at work) yet not overly so.  These are very much about enjoying the whole ensemble than extracting out any particular points.  Thus the highs share these traits, it can near a touch edgy when pushed but mostly it’s likewise not about hurling detail at you.  It’s a delicately smooth and enjoyable dusting of upper end shimmer.  It is mostly anyway, if you start to push the volume they can get a little over excited in the treble.

Quantity wise it’s somewhat V shaped with a notable slant towards the bass, they are a bassy, warmly pleasing earphone.

Value:  Who would have ever thought a couple of years a dual driver, hybrid IEM would go for under US$50?  There is lots of tech in there for your money.

Pro’s:  Big, lovely and sumptuous bass.  Mids and treble nicely detailed.

Con’s:  Bass may be too big or too billowy for some tastes.  Highs get a touch unruly at volume.

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