Erasure Union Street

Erasure Union Street

Erasure is a band that is getting as old as the hills. It has been around so long I’m sure everyone has at one point or another encountered them. Typically their music is upbeat, bouncy synth pop. Who doesn’t know of “A Little Respect” or “Love To Hate You,” is there anyone? So they are known for little pop tracks that it might be fair to say, they are not thought of as acoustically serious musicians. I get that, they do electronic crowd pleasers and I too love the bouncy little ditty’s that they do. However to continue my theme of music that is recovered or in some way a deviation from how your accustomed to hearing it, I turn to their “Union Street” album. This one goes a bit further in that it’s all covers of their own songs. Songs that you may know, their archetypal synth pop songs but here they are all acoustic. Not only do they tonally feel somewhat shifted but it’s a real eye opener when it comes to Andy Bell. Believe it or not he can actually sing, and sing well too, who knew!!!

I love the vocals on the album and have long used it as one of my go to albums for earphone testing. I tend to be bigger on female vocals but for male, Union Street is one of my favourites.

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