Apple Music Quick Review

Apple Music Quick Review

Brief:  Ping 2.0

Price:  10 Currency Units for month, 15 for a family plan.  £ or US$ Apple don’t care.

Specifications:  Apple will stream at just 256k AAC.  Granted AAC is better than mp3 but still.  Can’t you afford the bandwidth Apple?

Platforms:  It works on Itunes so OSX and Windows are fine, iOS naturally works and were told Android will too, sometime, eventually.

Variety:  The number say Apple music has a huge range, as big as the other big players but…… it seemed to want to keep throwing the same crap at me over and over again.  As though Apple thought I was incapable of knowing what I didn’t like and kept pushing and pushing.  I ended up either picking my own albums or setting it to the Disney music channel.

Sound Quality:  The audio quality itself is so so.  256k AAC isn’t awful and while I’d have liked to see higher the sad fact is most users wouldn’t notice the difference.  Most users wouldn’t have anything that’s good enough to make the bit rate the limiting factor. The quality is “fine” but really I see no reason why its not 320k AAC, why Apple, why????

Value:  Don’t buy it.  So it is in theory alright value if you’re in the US and you take the family plan but what your buying is rubbish.  Deezer or Spotify are simple vastly superior products.

Pro’s:  My media control buttons work in iTunes.

Con’s:  The music prediction abilities are spectacularly bad.

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