OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch Quick Review

OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch Quick Review

Brief: Zen Like watch experience

Price:  US$57 (£37.49) or with the code A28 US$50 (£33)

Specifications:  Brand: OUKITEL, Built-in chip type: MTK2502, Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0, RAM: 128M, ROM: 32M, Waterproof Rating: Life water resistance, Bluetooth calling: Phonebook, Call log sync, Phone call reminder, Answering, Dialing Messaging: Message reminder, Message checking, Health tracker: Sleep monitor, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, Heart rate monitor, Remote control: Camera remote, Music remote, Notification: Yes, Find phone: Yes, Other functions: Alarm, Calculator, Calender, Voice recorder, Groups of alarm: 5 sets, Alert type: Ring, Vibration, Locking screen : 4 kinds, Screen: IPS, Screen resolution: 240 x 240 px, Screen size: 1.54 inch, Battery type: Li-polymer battery, Battery capacity: 250mAh, Standby time: About 100 hours

Accessories:  You get a Micro USB cable and the little charging dock for the watch.

Build Quality:  The strap is fine I suppose, the watch itself however is nice.  It is all glass and metal, it feels really nice in the hand.  The strap not such but you can change it for any normal watch strap.

Comfort/Fit:  Hmm it was fine, I was never keen on leather straps on watches and it would seem that I’m still not.  However you can whip it off and change for any normal watch strap.  Otherwise it’s a watch, you get used to something on your wrist very quickly.

Aesthetics:  I like it.  It shares a look not unlike the Zen watch, which from photos was my favourite looking Android Wear watch, it was stupidly priced in the UK so I got the 360 instead.  The A28 I think is rather attractive.  Not so much the strap but that’s changeable.  I like it.

UI:  Mostly fairly reasonable.  We don’t really need the file manager and we really, really could do with the facia showing the battery level but otherwise it’s fine.  That lack of battery info unless you enter the menu is most annoying.

Functionality:  What I really want is a notification device.  I want a call or message coming in, to be brought to my attention and a phone in my pocket doesn’t always manage that.  The vibrate on the A28 is great.  Goodly vigorous and noticeable which is exactly what I’m after.  Calls and messages are displayed very well on the screen, it being square is so much more usable than round screens are.  For reading messages especially, you get who whole thing.  Sooooooooooo handy!  The other bits it can do, pedometer for instance is a bit useless.  You have to specifically turn it on.  That would work if you want to measure a run but it’s not totalling up your whole day.  The heart rate monitor is pretty good.  The sleep monitor, again you need to turn it on.  The camera control is cool but why would you use it?  The main things, the notifications, its superb at.  Calls and messages its very explicit in its display.  Telling the time it does well but its fascia’s are not very attractive and they don’t show you battery life which is annoying.  To see it you have to go into the menu then its there at the top.

Battery:  Life is good.  They claim 4 days and that seems fair but lighting up the screen a lot shortens it greatly.  It should be displayed on the main front facia but it’s not so just charge the thing every night regardless.  It should survive 2 or 3 days without but you know, just get into the habit.

Connectivity:  Good.  Didn’t like the P8 but worked great on the Moto G.    The Fundo app though wouldn’t always connect to the watch despite the phone happily communicating with it.

Value:  Bargainlishious.  The discount code (A28) price is just US$50 which is today about £33 and that delivered anywhere in the world.  Stupid cheap for a nice object. I don’t love the strap but that can be easily changed.

Pro’s:  Silly cheap.  Attractive looking.  Takes standard watch straps.

Con’s:  Ugly fascia’s.  Fascia’s not showing battery level.

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