No.1 Sun S2 Smart Watch Quick Review

No.1 Sun S2 Smart Watch Quick Review

Thanks to GearBest for the sample

Brief:  Bargain Bond watch.

Price:  US$63 but with code GBSS2 US$54 ( so about £35)

Specification:  Built-in chip type: MT6260, Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 3.0,  Waterproof Rating: IP67, Health tracker: Pedometer, Heart rate monitor, Alert type: Ring, Vibration, Screen: LED, Screen resolution: 240 x 240 px, Screen size: 1.33 inch, Camera pixel: 0.3MP, Battery capacity: 350mAh, Standby time: About 90 hours, Product weight: 0.120 kg

Accessories:  It comes with its little dock/charger and a micro USB cable to link it to a USB socket.

Build Quality:  It feels very sturdy, chunky, and functional.  I’ve seen people say its band feels really light but I don’t think it is, not in the least.  It’s all rather weighty and solid.

Comfort/Fit:  Great.  I like metal banded watches and I like them to sit loose on my wrist.  If you like more snug you can remove links or just change bands.  Oh or you could pick it with the leather and not metal band.

Aesthetics:  I mostly like it.  It comes is several options so you chose what you like most I guess but that triangular bevelling still looks a bit flashy to me.  I kinda think I might have preferred the black metal one, that being less reflective.  It’s hard to say but it certainly gives you plenty of options.

UI:  Hmm quirky.  Works but I doubt you’ll use most of it.  What use is the image viewer or file manager?  Much of it seems rather superfluous to me.

Functionality:  Where the Sun 2 excels is acting as a notifier for calls and texts, I regularly don’t notice my phone as I always keep it on vibrate.  Vibrating in my pocket isn’t something I always notice but you do when something strapped to your wrist vibrates and lights up.  That is handy beyond words in my opinion.  Also I have to mention the camera, super cool but not so functionally useful.  I did though have an issue with the limited number of fascia’s available, just 3.  That was bluntly disappointing and I couldn’t find any way to add more.  Lastly you can use the watch to make calls, it’s got a mic and speaker built in, super cool but I’d feel super silly using it in public.

Battery:  Variable.  Screen on time hammers the battery so clearly in my sleep I would set it off and that slashed the battery life.  Though if you take it off at night you’ll easily get a few days out of it.

Connectivity:  Great.  Would drop if I left the room with the phone but that’s what its supposed to do.  Never had it give any problems.

Value:  It is a bargain priced device.  Sure it’s not got the functionality of Android Wear watches or the Apple watch but it’s just a sliver of their price tags.  If all you really need is notifications then this will got the job done considerably more cheaply.

Pro’s:   Bargain price tag.  Chunky feel.  Standard watch band fittings.

Con’s:  UI is interesting. Limited fascia’s. Docking charger not always catching.

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