Bluedio AS Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Speaker Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio AS Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Speaker Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio AS Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Speaker Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio AS Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Speaker Review

Thanks to Bluedio for the sample.

Brief:  A curious looking up, grown up little speaker, with WiFi too.

Price:  £50 or US$90

Specifications:  Bluetooth version: 4.1, Bluetooth transmission frequency: 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz, Bluetooth operating range: up to 33 feet (free space), Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, Frequency response: 10Hz-22,000Hz, Audio output power: 2*5W, Audio input: VRMS≤1V, Audio resolution: 24 Bit/48KHz, SNR: 96Db, Dynamic range: 96dB, Audio communication protocol: AirPlay、DLNA, Wireless protocol standard: 802.11b/g/n, Wireless Encryption Protocol: WPA2/PSK, Wireless effective range: 20 meters, Wireless transmission rate: 150Mbps, Wireless network frequency: 2.4GHz, Supporting systems: iOS7.0 or above、Android4.2 or above、Mac OS、Windows, Music/talk time: 5 hours, Standby time: 1000 hours, Charging time: 3-5 hours for full charge, Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ to 50℃ only, Speaker dimensions: 249*74*69mm, Package dimensions: 280*160*95mm, Speaker weight: 702g, Package weight: 1381g.

Accessories: you get a Micro USB cable to charge it, a 3.5 to 3.5mm male to male cable for the aux input (butt you’ll prob never use it.) and you get a rather nifty carry sleeve thingy with a carabiner on the back.

Build Quality:  Alright, I mean its buttons are a bit so so but the rest feels pretty sturdy, the grill especially had no flex at all.

Aesthetics:  I am still unsold on the weird word map art all over it.  I’ve been told by others it looks cool but I think I’d prefer a nice matte black or grey.

Battery Life:  The WiFi use did eat a bit more battery than Bluetooth but the quoted 5 hours seemed about right to me.

Sound:  You would expect from a little speaker that it’s going to try it’s all to be a little bass monster.  Of course its “bass” would be entirely mid/bass humpyness but it would be chav pleasing.  However that is not what they do at all.  They don’t try to boost up the bass, try to force its output and give up any semblance of quality or dignity.  They gracefully accept they can’t do deep prolific bass and don’t try to.  They instead focus on the areas where they can shine, notable the mid-range.  It’s really rather good.  The tonality is very pleasing.  Acoustic heavy tracks sound really impressive on it, for such a little speaker, it does an exemplary job offering a sound like a mature speaker should.  Its treble, that can get a little bit hot if you’re on axis, i.e. if it’s pointing at your face, but otherwise its quite detailed and crisp.  Perhaps a little too crisp but if you are well off axis that melts away.  Acoustically this is a small, portable speaker that has been made for grownups with a more civilised musical repertoire.  You stick to vocal centric, acoustic, no artificial lows and highs, then you’ll get a really impressive little rendition while you relax in your soulless hotel room.

Value:  Super-duper great.  It’s only a tiny bit cheaper sibling was good but having Airplay and being able to act as a WiFi repeater at this price is just super awesome good value.  I don’t of anything near this price that can do all this can.

Pro’s:  Love the carry case.  Super great value.  Mature sounding balance.  WiFi awesomeness.

Con’s:  Err yeah that design pattern, it’s not doing it for me.

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