Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphone Quick Review

Zorloo Z:ero Digital Earphone Quick Review

Thanks to Zorloo for the sample.

Brief:  Mobile audio goes all digital.

Price:  US$39 for US’ians, US$44 for everyone else.  (about £29)

Specifications:  32 Ohms, 20Hz – 20kHz, SNR of 96db, THD of 0.02%, max output of 27mW.

Accessories:  3 pairs of silicon tips and a rectangular little case.

Build Quality:  Seems good, nice cable especially.

Isolation:  Roughly typical for a dynamic so you could use it fine for walking, on a bus but I wouldn’t really want to use it for a Tube commute or a flight.  You could but I’d prefer not to.  Naturally it’s always enough to get yourself run over if you forget to use your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Given you play with the controls I found wearing down got them regularly tugging on my ears.  Wearing up this was cured and I prefer to wear up anyway.  Once done they were good, easy shape, pretty light, pretty standard fare really.

Aesthetics:  Coming in either black and red or black and gold, hmm not sure either are colours id have gone with.  The red and gold bits are glossy and a little blingy for my tastes.  Not that they are ugly just, too glossy.  I like the cable though.

Sound:  Big, rich, weighty, hearty stuff.  Maybe like a big winter stew followed up a by a big chunk of a chocolate gateaux.  Big and heavy is good but it’s very much a flavouring and style that influences the output.  For me that’s fine but I found that after a little while it was all too much and wanted something lighter.  The big dark thickness particularly in the middle bass and mid/bass cusp is really heavy stuff.  It slow and thick, rich, so mellow and I’ve run out of words.  You get the picture anyway.  Mids and lows are both highly flavoured in that manner.  The highs, they too are very much of the same nature, there is a little spike to cut through and keep in some detail but the treble is comparatively rather muted.  In poppy and thumpy tracks the power and oomph to things, especially to basslines was too much air movement for me however I can see it being a big crowd pleaser.  It’s got some serious potency behind it and it’s not an agile punch it’s like being hit by a runaway train.  Sooooo much power. 

For the price its target demographic is likely gonna love the way it’s tuned and sounds but it was too hearty and weighty for my delicate little ears.

Value:  Pretty good, good sound for price but I can’t help feeling the DAC and amp inside aren’t being put to their fullest potential.

Pro’s:  Bottom end thunderous power.  Potency and vigour

Con’s:  USB support is hit or miss right now.

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