Zorloo Aero Quick Review by mark2410 (Revised Version)

Zorloo Aero Quick Review by mark2410 (Revised Version)

Zorloo Aero Quick Review by mark2410 (Revised Version)

Thanks to Zorloo for the sample.

Brief:  Zorloo make an even better version of what I wanted them to.

Price:  Post Indegogo ought to be US$119

Specifications:  DAC/amp ESS SABRE 9018Q2C, Max Sampling 48kHz, Max Depth 24 bit, SNR 105dB, THD 0.003%, Driver Size 14.8mm, Cable Length 1.2m

Accessories:  3 pairs of silicone tips, a pair of Comply’s and a little baggy case thing.  Which looks like a grey version of what I got, it’s a pretty sturdy, thick nylon baggy.

Build Quality:  It would appear to pretty good.  There isn’t really anything I can think of to complain about, though I still don’t love flat cables.

Isolation:  While their siblings isolated quite well these sadly do not.  They are very, very much more open and well vented.  That makes them far more acoustically neutral and balanced.  They also feel so much more open and airy.  So you get the acoustic trade off of being so much more vented but the downside is that I would personally have problems using them out and about or in a bus, or god forbid a library.  Still more isolation is not “better” it’s just an option and while I want a lot, not everyone will.

Comfort/Fit:  Despite being big buts they were great.  Odd at first wearing something so vented but otherwise just fine for me.

Aesthetics:  I like them, I think I like the dark better but I’m a sucker for bare metal.  They look great.

Sound:  Ahh they are so open sounding.  Such space and openness, not unlike what you get from a big open can.  Still I find it a shame as otherwise these are stunning little (okay not so little) beasts.  The mids especially are fantastic.  The bass is a stupendously good quality and the treble is beautifully delicate with just enough of a pin sharp initial attack before decaying away.  Smiley face.  Otherwise, they are really, really bloody good sounding, plugging in the GR07 to my Nexus 5 and these are a clear jump up in audio quality on them.  Yeah, how crazy is that???  Now I realise a hefty chunk of that is that the Nexus 5 sounds like ass but that’s the whole point of the Aero’s.  You can plug them into stuff and bypass their crappy internal DAC and amp output.  Maybe the GR07 would win if I was comparing to a brilliant hp out but that would be negating the whole concept.  The Aero is for those who insist on using a phone and if that phone has crap audio this skirts the problem.  Sadly though not all handsets are compatible so you may need to check that before ordering a pair.  I love the balance of them.  Now I realise that some will be disappointed with the quantity of the bass but you cannot fault its quality.  Great stuff and a very audiophile like balance to these, never has my seriously crappy Nexus sounded this good, hell it’s never approached sounding like this before, awesome amazeballs stuff.

However they are fantastic sounding, so long as you can live without tons of isolation and have a phone that will work then these are stunning little buggers.

Value:  First class all the way, great value.

Pro’s:  Sound bloody awesome.  Fantastic acoustic balance.  Source independent quality.

Con’s:  Lack isolation.  Lacks the gargantuan bass from its predecessor some will want.

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