Trinity Techne Quick Review

Trinity Techne Quick Review

Thanks to Trinity for the sample and collaboration.

Brief:  Mid ranger with sound altering filters.

Price:  £65 or abouts US$96

Specification:  8mm Neodymium drivers, Impedance: 16 Ohm, Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3DB, Gold plated 3.5mm Jack, 1.2M Cable length

Accessories:  Bunch of ear tips, 3 pairs of filters, a storage tube for the filters and a little case.

Build Quality:  Nice.  The buds are pure metal and the cable is one of the best cables ever.  They look like real metal too, cant really beat that.

Isolation:  Pretty darn good for a dynamic.  Even with an open filter in use they still isolated really well.  Not quite regular flight well but easily enough for a normal, on a bus commute.  Oh and as always enough to get you run over if you aren’t using your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Great, I know they look weird as hell a shape but they fit me perfectly.

Aesthetics:  They are a bit shiney so quite visible, I like brushed metal better but hey.  I rather like them visually.

Sound:  Good.  I’m never the words biggest fan of changeable filters because I know me and I can pick out what is going to suit me best from some distance.  However if you are new to the IEM word and your hoping to learn what sound signature is you.  Perhaps it’s for a gift so you don’t know exactly what sound signature the recipient would be most inclined to?  Maybe because you want just one IEM but want to be able to tweak it?  Whatever your reason, the Technie lets you make some pretty significant changes with its filters.  The Silver is the V shaped one, the Gold is the brighter one and the Black one is the flatter, more natural sounding one.  It’s the one I liked best too.  Silver gives you closed, punchy pithy bass with good depth. The highs are vibrant too.  Golds open up and so the bass takes on open characteristics, feels faster but depth drops off rapidly.  Black is a bit less open so you get that faster bass but not quite so reticent as on the Golds.  Treble on them is always pretty crisp.  A hair over prominent but extended well making shimmering decays a bit more noticeable than they maybe should but I like that so I don’t mind.  Mids are always rather open and maybe a smidge dry at times.  Clarity is grand for a dynamic but it’s notably in a trough when using the Silver filters.  Quite lightly prominent with the Gold, more naturally balanced with the Blacks.   It’s always a pretty enjoyable and energetic experience that you can tailor to your source or ears to your heart’s content.

Value:  You get a good sounding IEM with a fair degree of sound customisation.  You do pay for that customisation but it takes an element of risk of buying an earphone for those new to buying good quality audio products.

Pro’s:   Sound customisable.  Heavy bass.  All metal construction.

Con’s:  Bass a bit too ever present.  You pay for that customisability.

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