Trinity Hyperion Quick Review

Trinity Hyperion Quick Review

Thanks to Trinity for the sample and collaboration.

Brief:  Teeny tiny baby dynamics

Price:  £30 or about US$45

Specification:      8mm Neodymium Drivers, Impedance: 16Ohm, Sensitivity: 108 +/- 3DB,  Frequency response: 20 – 20000Hz, Gold plated 3.5mm Jack, 1.2M length cable

Accessories:  Some tips and a little case.

Build Quality:  Lovely.  The cable in particularl is a double braided thing, super flexable and good quality.  The buds are pure metal, clean and simple carved aluminium.

Isolation:  Pretty good for a dynamic.  Just fine for normal life, out and about, on a bus stuff.  Not really for lots of flights but hey, would do in a pinch.  Naturally enough to get you run over if you aren’t using your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Excellent.  Things are tiny, in the ears they go and all done.  Happy to sit there all day too.

Aesthetics:  I like them.  I’d like more if brushed aluminium but I’m nit picking

Sound:  Great.  I think these have the same driver in them as their siblings, the Techne.  Here though no changeable filters.  For me that means only good things.  First off you don’t have to take three different points into account for tuning and these are half the price.  When you half the price of something that buys you a lot more leeway in terms of my expectations and competition.  These feel much more even tonally, the bass hasn’t the quantity the Techne can put out but it’s most impressively linear as it descends.  The mids have good breadth to them, breathy and highly detailed.  The highs shimmer quite well but do have a little spike in the mid/treble reagon that get a bit attention seeking.  The likes of Nina Simone or Maria Carey’s ballads are highly impressive.  Sure, its’s no PL-50 but the mids don’t feel like they have two giants standing on either side threatening to beat the bejesus out of them if get uppity.  Their only really acoustic flaw is that spike in the lower treble that likes to leap out from time to time but otherwise it’s a highly pleasing, broad soundscape.  Even then I feel like I’m being a little hard on them to make note of it.  Its detail levels are top class, full of delicate background instrumentation, so soft and subtle that it belies its price point.  It’s not going to please everyone though, it’s not especially bassy which is unusual at its price.  Normally low priced stuff lives by more bass means “better” and as such you get a far more composed and even handed sound.  The bass is a might soft and the treble hasn’t the world best extension but most music isn’t at either extreme anyway.  What we have in the Hyperion is a really friendly, really competent, all-rounder.  For the money, I presently believe it to be best value you can get, especially if you’re in the EU as these are already taxed where as its competition from the Far East would not be.

Value:  Great.  Sounds and looks fab.  Would make a great wee gift IEM.

Pro’s:   Pretty. Sounds even and accomplished.  Great breadth. Bass linearity.

Con’s:  Not ass bassy as some would want.  Bit of a lower treble spike.

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