Trinity Delta Quick Review

Trinity Delta Quick Review

Thanks to Trinity for the sample and collaboration.

Brief:  Yet another new UK firm kicking some serious arse.

Price:  £90 or about US$137

Specification:      Balanced Armature + 8mm neodymium dynamic drivers, 3 x Interchangeable tuning filter system, Impedance 16Ohm, Sensitivity 110 +/- 3DB,   Frequency response 19 – 21000HZ, Gold plated 3.5mm Jack, 1.2M Cable length

Accessories:  Filters, bunch of tips and a wee case.

Build Quality:  Looks great.  The jack is particularly sturdy and the cable is perfect.

Isolation:  It’s a bit filter dependant.  Black, okay.  Silver, okay, about normal for a dynamic.  Gold, meh.  I could live with these for normal out and about but not really Tube stuff.  More than enough to make you road kill if you don’t keep your eyes open though.

Comfort/Fit:  Very good on both accounts.

Aesthetics:  Bland.  I like the gun metal colouring but it’s very subtle looking overall.

Sound:  Filter dependant.  The golds are the open trebly ones, which if you want bass light and treble I’d always go for a single BA myself and get isolation.  Still it’s an option if you want.  The Silver, it I can see as appealing to some.  It’s big, brash and highly V shaped.  The bass is hard and punchy, the treble dazzling and attention seeking.  The mids get a bit overshadowed but are still clear and detailed.  Though for me the black filters are where these come into their own.  The bass loses it furthest depths and the highs mute themselves considerably.  In short, they grow up.  The bass takes on a nuance and control that was too busy punching you with the silvers.  The highs are refined and detailed superbly for a BA, especially for a single BA doing the mids too!  The mids, they have a darkness, a certain sense of the void about them like your listening to everything in a treated acoustic chamber.  Everything that bit deadened taking away all the little noises that aren’t supposed to be there. Its offers a beautifully dark background to more fully display the fullest range of colour and shading before you like a properly calibrated TV might in a faintly lit room.  The littlest of differences that you might otherwise miss out on in a less controlled environment.  So much detail yet so subtle in its display yet so apparent when you seek it.  In short its price point leading goodness.  Top class bass, mids and dynamics.  Bar setting audio quality.

Value:  Right now as good as it gets. (Kickstarter early bird offers are stupendous value.)

Pro’s:   Truly fine audio quality with a sumptuously black background. Glorious.

Con’s:  Plain looks.  Gold and silver filters not subtle about the treble.

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