Tekfusion Twinwoofers Quick Review

Tekfusion Twinwoofers Quick Review

 Thanks to Tekfusion for the sample.

 Brief:  All hail our new Indian overlords

 Price:  US$50 or about £30

 Specification:  Frequency Response 19 Hz- 21 kHz, Impedance 16 Ohms, Pressure Level 113dB, Gross Weight             30g(1.06 Oz), Net Weight(without cable) 7.5g, Color Black Chrome, Cable Length 1.2m, Cable Type Symmetric, Connector Type 3.5m Gold Plated

 Accessories:  Baggy, Shirt Clip, 5 pairs of tips

 Build Quality:  The buds are metal and sturdy.  The cable and jack feel a touch on the delicate side.

 Isolation:  Pretty good for a dynamic.  The usual story, fine for on a bus, maybe not so much for Tube or a long flight.  Still more than enough to get yourself run over of course.

 Comfort/Fit:  Great on both accounts.  The things weigh next to nothing.  They got shoved in ears and that was that.  Good stuff.

 Aesthetics:  The buds are a touch pretty, the cable less so.  They look fine, nothing particularly note worthy.

 Sound:  Excellent.  Not anything like as bassy as the name had me expecting though.  Yes the bass is pretty elevated and yes it stands well forward of the mids but I was expecting a real bass cannon.  It’s still enough to make me feel an EQ down wouldn’t hurt; a bit of a bump in the mids too I wouldn’t mind.  Quality wise its firm and sold.  Tonally things are all a bit warm but dry, mids are airy and breathy, highs shimmering and delicate.  Speaking of highs they a bit elevated too but have next to no abrasiveness to them.  Just a wash of silvery shimmering at the top end.  Reasonable extension on them.  Still I’d like the faintly delicate nature of the vocals and the accordant width to perhaps have a little more forward focus.  Still, can’t have everything.  Detail levels are superb for the money and really gives the GR06 a run for its money as the former king of the circa US$50 area.  The Twinwoofer could too make a claim to that title.  Granted the bass is a bit on the humpy and the mids are much too distant for my tastes but the quality of the mids is great.  The bass is firm and punchy, a little more softness would work better given its quantity I think but, hey, I’m no basshead.  I wish there was more made of the quality of the mids, yeah the width is lovely and air they have but please sir, may I have some more sir?  Think kinda V shaped with a bass slant to it.

 Value:  Very good.  I can’t say it’s “better” than the GR06 but sound for your money its every bit as good if you desire its signature.  Its build feels a rather less substantial though.

 Pro’s:   Solid punchy bass, great air and openness to the mids and highs.

 Con’s:  Builds not stellar, bit much bass, mids a bit too distant.

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