T-PEOS H-100II Quick Review

T-PEOS H-100II Quick Review

Thanks to T-PEOS for the sample.

Brief:  Crazy cheap detail monsters, Gangnam Style in IEM form.

Price:  US$84.50 or £49.31

Specification:  Features – 2 way hybrid earphone, Balanced armature (Knowles WBFK) unit with dynamic driver, 8mm dynamic unit producing magnificent and strong tone, Impedance: 32Ω / 1kHz, Sensitivity: 102dB / 1kHz, Power: 100mW(Max.), Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20 kHz, Connector: 3.5mm /  4 pole / 24k gold plating plug, Cord Micro-groove flat cable 1.2M, Weight 24g (0.85 oz)

Accessories:  Shirt clip, 5 pairs of tips and softy boggy/case thing.

Build Quality:  Great.  Everything thing feels well put together and the buds are metal.

Isolation:  Very good for having a dynamic in there.  Easily enough for normal use and the odd flight or two.

Comfort/Fit:  Pretty great.  I got a tiny bit of air pressure / driver flex issues but that was the only issue and it was slight.  Shove in ears and done, were perfectly comfy in the ear too.

Aesthetics:  I’m not convinced about the black and red cable, in pics the black and white one I think look looks much better.   The buds look fine, shiny silver and black that I didn’t have any strong feelings about.  Also it has been commented that the T-Peos logo looks like a penis.

Sound:  It’s very upfront and in your face, lots of drama, lots of dynamics, crazy levels of detail and it will all be hurled at you.  Not just hurled but hurled as aggressively and vigorously as a child just after eating a bag of sugar might.  It has all the drama and enthusiasm you can think of and it just loves to scream and shout at you.  The upper mids are exceedingly prominent and eventful.  It’s a pernicious drama queen if ever the was one and that’s both its blessing and its curse.  Its all very WWWWWWWWW things rise and fall acoustically with such alacrity, then bounce all over the place.  The detail levels for the money are truly epic but its aurally exhausting.  Oh but the detail levels, they are truly stupendously good for the price, they would still be excellent at twice the price.  Its bass is capable and solid, its highs are superbly detailed but its mids they are very focused on the upper mid range, they soar, they leap and love to shout in your face.  It is the IEM equivalent of Gangnam Style.  It’s thrilling, its wild, its exuberance and crazy ass drama are just on another level.  Sure its fun and a bit mental but you know what, it’s too mental for me to use every day.

Value:  Detail levels are on a complete other level for price.  Crazy good if you want detail and crazy exuberance.  No, really, at its current price its more detailed than everything remotely near it, even the RE-400.

Pro’s:   Spectacularly detailed, wildly alive, the life of the party.

Con’s:  Doesn’t know how to sit still.  Upper mids are too excitable and a bit shouty.

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