T-PEOS Altone 200 Quick Review

T-PEOS Altone 200 Quick Review

Thanks to T-PEOS for the sample.

Brief:  A wildly excitable 3 way party beast.

Price:  £109 or about US$176 (before HMRC get to you.)

Specification:  – Type: In-ear, – Driver Unit: 2 Balanced Armature & 1 Dynamic Unit, – Inpedance: 22Ohm / 1kHz, – Power: 100mW(maz), – Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz, – Connector: 2.5mm / 24k gold plated L-type plug, Cord 1.2m / PVC round type, Weight 16g

Accessories:  A pair of ear guides, a shirt clip, a little pouch thing and 7 pairs of tips.

Build Quality:  Very good.  The buds are metal and feel very solid.

Isolation:  For a dynamic in there it’s very good.  It’s about as close to a BA as a dynamic really gets.  Still not one I’d want for a daily Tube commute but would be more than easily sufficient for normal or on a bus use.  As ever, easily enough to get yourself run over if you don’t look where you’re going.

Comfort/Fit:  Very good on both fronts.  Up or down it was a shove in ear and done.  I’d be surprised if anyone had issues with them.

Aesthetics:  Quite nice.  They are metal and shiny but nothing visual especially stands out in anyway.

Sound:  All detail, all the time and right in your face with a distinct sense of urgency about it.  Like a puppy that’s wildly running in circles and going wild because there is a stick it needs you to notice.  It is all of the energy, all of the excitement, all of the wild dynamism and all of the time.  Not unlike its kin the 100II but the additional mid driver in here makes the mids vastly more abundant and better. WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! If ever was an IEM I feel might benefit from a valium it’s probably this one.  If you hate even the thought of boring then you could be onto a winner with this one.  The bass is exceedingly taught and punchy.  It’s a bit rounded and the extension isn’t stellar but with its party punch at work you’ll never mind it so.  The mids are up front and centre, its comparable in quantity to the lows and highs but hyperactively open and clear sounding.  If anything it’s all over explicit.  Highs are excitable and crisp and wildly shimmery, excellent detail levels but again so achingly and hyperactively explicit about everything.  Pair with a bright amp and crap bit rates and you will regret it.  Feed it warmth and excellent quality tracks then just watch in wonder as every tiny detail comes hurling to life before you.

Value:  Superb detail, but so wildly exuberant it may not suit all and not as generalist as things like the GR07 or DN-1000.  This however is definitely one for the adrenalin junkies but maybe not so much for lovers of smooth and serene.  Jaw dropingly good value.

Pro’s:   WAAAAAAA!!!!! DETAIL!!!!!!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Con’s:  See pro’s.

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