Rock Jaw Audio Clarito Quick Review by mark2410

Rock Jaw Audio Clarito Quick Review by mark2410

Rock Jaw Audio Clarito Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Rock Jaw Audio for the sample.

Brief:  Rock party drama.

Price £24 or about US$32

Specifications:  Drivers: 8mm dynamic, Compatible with iOS / Android / Windows Smartphones, Impedance: 16Ω, Sensitivity: 108+/-3db, Frequency response: 20 – 20000Hz, Cord Length: 1.2M, Jack type: Gold plated 3.5mm (right angle jack), Eartips included: (S/M/L) silicone

Accessories:  4 pairs of silicone tips, a shirt clip and a baggy to keep them safe.

Build Quality:  Very nice.  The cable I think feels especially nice to the touch, slightly thick, rubberised yet very flexible.  They look nicely put together, all very neat.  Oh and yeah, sturdy metal buds.

Isolation Rather good for a dynamic, quite sufficient for normal, out and about, on a bus type stuff.  Tube and flights would probably be okay too.  So that means you really wont, music playing or not, notice traffic before it kills you.  Eyes people.

Comfort/Fit:  Great on both accounts.  In they went and done.  Acoustically a touch tiring though.

Aesthetics:  I like them, they look like bare metal, a sort of gun metal but with some faint hint of a blueish twinge to them.  Very nice.

Sound:  Very good.  They are quite the little exuberant beasts though, they love to take a song and go wild with it.  Quite noticeably with the bassline, even when they may seem at first to be not a particularly bassy IEM.  Then something comes on and pow, the bass seems to come out from nowhere and start tearing the place up.  In much more sedate, vocal centric tracks the bass stays in its place, polite, gently accompanying things content as you like.  It’s quite a curious behaviour.   The Clarito with this presentation it trying to be all things to all men and its doing a pretty good job of it too.  it’s not a specialist in any particular area but it’s very WWWW drama filled and willing to try to do everything with an abundance of enthusiasm.  It is also very notably sensitive and easy to drive.  A little flick of the volume dial and your deafen yourself.  Even out of my Nexus 5 they went stupid loud with ease.  Actually they benefited from additional impedance to sedate their acoustic mania.  There just want to throw every bit of energy, pouring their heart and soul in whatever they are playing back, be it poptastic charty stuff or soft jazz.  Thrilling, exciting, wild, dynamic, dazzling, maybe a bit too dazzling.  That treble it hard edged, cutting on the initial impact if you pair it with a hard or cold source.  A little warming, as is rather common with phones actually, does them a little bit of nudging in the direction of smooth.  However these retain gobs of enthusiasim and dynamics whatever you do to them.  Thrilling and fun, would make for a great, entry point for those who want all of the musical everything.

Value:  Great.  Sound fab, look fab, cost cheap.

Pro’s:  A sure-fire entry level crowd pleaser.  Stupid easy to drive.  Sound great.

Con’s:  Too easy to drive.  Treble can be hard and unforgiving.

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