Rhapsodio Clipper Earphone Quick Review by mark2410

Rhapsodio Clipper Earphone Quick Review by mark2410

Rhapsodio Clipper Earphone Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Rhapsodiostore for the sample.

Brief:  Clearly all about the bass.

Price:  US$55 or about £42

Specification:  Erm, I dunno.

Accessories:  3 pairs of silicone ear tips and a rather nice little case.

Build Quality:  It appears to be rather good, I can find no fault visually nor by touch.  Bit light but then they are all plastic.  Removable cable though with is nice.

Isolation:  For a dynamic it’s really quite good.  They are pretty well sealed (enough to get driver flex) but the upside is good for everywhere, even the odd Tube commute or flight.  Naturally it means way more than enough to make yourself an organ donor of you don’t look where you’re going.

Comfort/Fit:  Great.  They sit rather shallow but I was fine with that and aside from a second or two for the air pressure to equalise I was all good.

Aesthetics:  I like the look, clear but frosted plastic.  It looks good, if not borderline great.  I like the zebra cable too.

Sound:  Bassy.  High quantity, high quality bass.  The one caveat is that it doesn’t truly shine unless you power them well, in which case they are super fun, bass cannons.  The trouble there though is if you have a source that’s good enough to make them there best you are possibly buying something more expensive than this.  Not that they are hard to drive, your crappy phone will do it, make them loud too, it just won’t make them be the best they can.  That would be a shame too.  Now these are sort of the rough sound signature I like, big bass, good mids, tame treble.  It’s just they’re a more dramatically sloped slant than id normally like.  They are too bass, lol, big, crazy town bassy.  When you don’t power them that well the bass is rather mediocre in its quality but should you pair them, power them well, the bass kicks it up a very significant notch in terms of quality.  Sure there is way too much but its stonkingly good.  Energetic, potent, it’s got so much vigour to it.  I do find that if I listen for ears out it wears me out but in smaller doses its super fun.   Crazy, wild, prolific, bass party cannons.  Yet with pretty damn good quality.  Still the quantity, lol it literally has me laughing at the abundance and the proclivity it has to kick you in the ear drums.  It’s a right little beast of a thing, truly a little beast of a thing where the bass is concerned.  The mids are pretty good, little lower favouring and not really much airiness to them.  The treble, well they are really quite subdued which is perfectly fine for my ears but you know, treble fans won’t love them.  Also proper music, things well recorded and mastered like acoustic classical, can sound rather skewed.

Value:  Great.  They need paired well to be their best bet they are fab when you do.

Pro’s:  Bass is mental.  Super fun to play with.  Wooo party time!!!

Con’s:  Bass is always in play and dominant.  Needs power to be their best.

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