RHA T10 Quick Review

RHA T10 Quick Review

Thanks to RHA for the sample.

Brief:  The best built IEM ever.

Price:  £140 OR in the US US$190

Specification:  Drivers Dynamic (model 770.1), Frequency range 16-22,000Hz, Impedance 16 ohm, Sensitivity 100db, Rated/max power 1/5mW, Weight 41g, Cable 1.35m, multicore OFC, Connections 3.5mm, gold plated

Accessories:  Tuning Filters with Holder, 6 pairs, dual density ear tips – S x2 / M x2 / L x2, 2 pairs, double flange ear tips – S x1 / M x1, 2 pairs, memory foam ear tips – universal fit, Stainless steel ear tip holder, Premium carry case, Clothing clip

Build Quality:  Beyond imagining for an IEM.  1300 degree injection moulded steel construction.

Isolation:  Rather good for a dynamic.  Though someone else has said it’s terrible.  For me it would be good for normal usage, maybe even the odd flight.  Easily enough to get yourself killed if you don’t use your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Physically they fit me excellently. Their physical comfort was superb too.

Aesthetics:  Oooooooh pretty!!!  They walk a magnificent line of looking amazing, attention grabbing and yet multiple shades of grey and steel which makes them look more refined.  I like them very much visually.

Sound:  All of the sound!!!!  Like a powerful wall of it coming at you and hitting you like the proverbial ton of bricks.  Except a ton of actual bricks would be more gentle.  It’s hard, unyielding, aggressive, potent, powerful and yet those words don’t quite capture the brutality it will hurl your way.  Its bass is cold and dark, aggressive with no hint of softening and just grows as it descends, like the darkness might falling into a glacial crevasse.   Mids are cold, dry and highly explicit.  Still that dark icy quality that feels like it might rise up and cut you.  Its highs are cold too, hard, oh so hard and contain a lower treble, near sibilant edge.  It’s like a freezing cold wind that stings.  It is all these things and that just with the bass filters!!!  The silver is more V shaped retaining that bass but exploding up top in the treble.  The gold diminishes the bass and gave me a wildly dynamic treble.  Treble junkies might love it but my treble sensitive ears were left reeling, near blinded by its dazzle.

The T10 is hard, coldly aggressive power cannon, it’s not to be taken lightly.  A truly epic beast of a thing.

Value:  Well it’s the best built thing ever and one of the best looking too.  Would make for an awesome looking gift.  I’d be more tempted by the MA750 though if for myself.

Pro’s:   Beyond epic power, beyond epic build in a drop dead gorgeous package.

Con’s:  All of the power, coldly aggressive hard bass.  A true uber beast of an IEM

One comment on “RHA T10 Quick Review
  1. Ahmed says:

    The link is at the bottom of the page.I think you shuold change the volume being at max when you open the plugin, when you raise the gain it’s pretty loud if you don’t have a soft limiter.Gonna check out the sound now.

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