PMV A-01 MKII Earphone Quick Review by mark2410

PMV A-01 MKII Earphone Quick Review by mark2410

PMV A-01 MKII Earphone Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to PMV and their distributor, Penon Audio for the sample.

Brief:  Burn the witch!!!

Price:  US$79 or about £61

Specifications:  Speaker Impedance: 16Ω, Sensitivity: 100±3Db, Distortion: <3%(1KHz 1mw), Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz, Maximum power: 10Mw, Cable material: Silver plated oxygen-free copper, Length: 1.3m, Plug: 3.5mm (gold plated)

Accessories:  PMV A-01 MKII Earphone, 6 pairs of Silicone Eartips(S/M/L), 2 pairs of foam eatips, 1 pair Double-flange eartips, 1 pair Earhook, Carrying Case.

Build Quality:  For me they are outstanding.  The buds, the cable.  Considerably better than you would expect.

Isolation:  Rather good.  These are among the top level for dynamics.  I’d be fine using these out and about, on buses etc etc.  Tube and flights, well they would sort of ish do.  Naturally enough to get yourself run over if you aren’t keeping an eye out for traffic.

Comfort/FI:  Great.  They do sit relatively shallow but that’s the only thing of note.  In they went and done.

Aesthetics:  They look alright. The outer is the same as the v1 but the inner half of the buds are a dark translucent plastic so you can see bits inside.  They look really nice on the inner half, the outer, well yeah they look fine.

Sound:  Wow.  These are so good and so cheap that I cannot escape the feeling I must be making a mistake.  That old adage too good to be true, these are so cheap that they cannot possibly be true.  They just cannot get a triple drivered IEM this nicely built and this good sounding in at this price, you just can’t.  Sorcery, witchcraft I say, PMV must have a pact with the devil, pitch forks and torches at the ready everyone!!!  Joking aside, I really cannot escape the feeling that these are too good to be true.  Their bass is bigish, rounded, warm, with very nice depth and though a touch slow is more than nimble and fast enough.  The mids are a touch warmed too but BA clean and forthright. The clarity more than covers the warm flavouring they’ve applied.  Not the best mids ever but good god for the price they have so much detain and nuance.  Highs, perhaps a little sedate for some, I like it.  It’s my favoured, warmed, tamed, only a tiny bit of an edge but with a goodly shimmery decay.  It’s so refined and of such a quality you will want to feed these nicely.  Good bit rates, good source etc etc.  The overall presentation is a little bit bass slanted a W so it’s not going to be perfect for everyone, I mean that bass is a bit over abundant and ever present for me but, FFS they cost US$80.  How?!?!?!?  If when the worst I can say acoustically is they a bit too bassy and a touch over fond of instrument separation it’s not exactly damning is it.  These are good in a way you think a product double this price might be, not this.

Value:  I would be flabbergasted if anyone bought a pair of these and was not just not happy but is anything other than floored by them.  They feel too good to be true.

Pro’s:  They are incredible to the point of incredulity.  Stupidly dirt cheap.

Con’s:  They are a bit warm flavoured.  They are a little too bassy.

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