LEAR LHF-AE1d Quick Review by mark2410

LEAR LHF-AE1d Quick Review by mark2410

LEAR LHF-AE1d Quick Review by mark2410

LEAR LHF-AE1d Earphone Review

Thanks to LEAR for the sample.

Brief:   All of da pretty and they sound just as good too!

Price:  HK$1488 or atm £146 or US$191

Specifications:      Driver: 10mm CCAW ,5u diaphragm ,Neodymium magnets, LEAR custom tuned dynamic driver, Frequency response: 20~20kHz, Impedance : 33ohm @1000 Hz (Adjustable knob at 4’o clock maximum position ), Sensitivity : 110dB @1mW ((Adjustable knob at 4’o clock maximum position )

Accessories:  By my count 6 pairs of tips, a cleaning cloth, a little screwdriver fortuning the bass dial and a case.  Oh but that case, calling ait a case would be like calling a Faberge egg, an egg.  The thing is very bling but wow, its looks amazing, it’s so solid too and that rubber, wow that crazy vibrant green inner absorbs any vibration.  It gives it such a feeling of solidity in a case that’s crazy.  Love it.

Comfort/Fit:  They do rather want a pair of foam tips and they sit rather shallow so not effortless to get a fit but pretty reasonable.  Comfort though was great once seating correctly for me.  Just don’t think you’ll wear them laying down as they are really big.

Aesthetics:  Wow.  You may love or hate the bling but wow, for metallic painted plastic they look lush.  Maybe a little to glossy but ooooooh so pretty.  Love the look of them even if they aren’t the most subtle things ever.

Sound:  You know what I said about their looks?  Something about their sound.  Oooooh pretty.  They have a variable bass port thingy so you can have light, neutral bass, you can have stupid amounts or anything in between.  The more bass the softer it starts to get but never really soft.  Nor when it’s very light is it ever really hard.  A little touch middlelly in temperament, tonality and flavour.  It’s rather good though.  I like a bit boosted bass and I don’t like extreme rigidity nor flab.  This strikes a very pleasing balance for my ears.  The depth is nice and it does hump a bit in the lower bass before dropping away.  There is also a slight dip as it reaches upward to the mid/bass cusp.  This gives a bit of a distinction between them and increases the separation.  The mids are nice, rather middling but at their best when pushed towards dry.  Creamy they just never seem quite at home entirely with.  The tonality though is lovely.  Thu highs, they are really capable and have a nice lightly impactful initial edge and then trail away superbly.  Extension is a bit so so but I’m fine with that.  They are more about pleasing than hurling detail at you.  Overall the detail levels are great if a little subtle.  Very spacious and pleasing a sound signature.

Value:  Excellent.  These are pushing toward top tier IEM universals before we enter the esoteric crazy realms.  First rate quality that is slightly provided to you at the expense of some isolation.  It’s a good bargain however.

Pro’s:  Serious lookers.  Sound most excellent.  Generalist super crowd pleasers.

Con’s:  Physically rather large.  Want amping.  So so Isolation.

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