Joinhandmade Jelly Doux Quick Review

Joinhandmade Jelly Doux Quick Review

Thanks to Joinhandmade for the sample.  (N.B. Chromes translate function may be of use)

Brief:  Fashion and customisability galore.

Price:  US$25 or US$35 depending on the version.  (About £16 or £23 respectively.) Post Indiegogo they go to US$35 and US$55.

Specification:  Driving Unit: Dynamic, Impedance: 16 Ohms, Sensitivity: 113db@1000Hz, Distortion: less than 0.1%, Frequency Response: 18 – 21,000 Hz, Cable Length: 1.2 m, Plug: 3.5 mm

Accessories:  3 pairs of silicon tips and an active case.  The case is super funky.

Build Quality:  They are really very nice for the price, real eye catchers with that hand finished gloss and faint sparkle.  All feels pleasantly firm.

Isolation:  Very good for a dynamic.  They do have little bitty vents but I found them to be at the upper end of what a dynamic can do.  Easily fine for out and about or bus commutes.  You could do Tube or flights in a pinch.  Naturally more than enough to get yourself run over if you fail to use your eyes.

Comfort/Fit:  Great on both aspects.  They are small, rounded buds that fit my ears fine and without any effort.  In and that was it done.

Aesthetics:  They are all about the visuals.  Not any do they come in an unusually large 12 colour options, you get cable colour choice too and then if you want you can pay for the more expensive “Vogue” version and pick the colours of every different bit.  One bud one Blue de France, the other Spanish Orange, the Y splitter Rose Wood and the jack Saffron Yellow.  Then you can pick to attach them to a black, white or grey cable. Aside from buying customs at several hundred dollars I don’t know anyone who offers this many options.  Clearly this is intended to be a highly fashion conscious option.

Sound:  They are ebullient and playful sounding earphone.  Big bass is the most immediately noticeable feature which is going to play well to those I’d bet are most attracted to their visuals.  Playful, exuberant and playful are the order of the day and that what they strive for constantly.  Dance around your room singing out loud, not caring a fig who if anyone can hear you.  It’s all about you, the music and making you smile.  It’s playful, rambunctious and as such things like fine detail, subtlety fade away.  They aren’t integral to having a good time.  The bass with its big hearty boom, mids with their slight mid bass richness but with passable clarity.  The highs are a little overshadowed and polite but again in playful party tunes you want just a smidge or else they would scratch your ears.  Treble junkies will find these a bit too warm and rolled off for them.  These aren’t really aimed at audiophiles, these are aimed audiophiles daughters who want to enjoy themselves and for them to look fabulous.  These will get by dad’s need for them for sound decent and daughters desire for them to match her wardrobe.

Fun, party, the sound just like you might imagine they would by looking at them.  Lots of fun.

Pro’s:  Look fabulous daaaaarling!!!  Super cheap.  Super fun.

Con’s:  Don’t think for one second these are grown up, looking or sounding.

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