Jesbod QY13 Quick Review by mark2410

Jesbod QY13 Quick Review by mark2410

Jesbod QY13 Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Jesbod UK (Jesbod US) for the sample.

Brief: Uhura gets some great but dirt cheap earphones.

Price:  £19 or US$26

Specifications:  Charging Voltage: DC 5V, Working Time: Around 8 hours, Charging interface: MICRO USB, Charging time: Around 1-2 hours, Bluetooth Version: V4.1, Profile: APTX A2DP AVRCP HSP HFP, Communication Distance: About 10m in free field, Battery: 3.7V 90mAh Li-po battery, Size: 17 x 19 x 21.6mm / 0.67 x 0.75 x 0.85in, Length: 640mm / 25.20in, Weight: 16.3g / 0.57oz

Accessories:  3 pairs of tips, 3 pairs of ear guides and a micro USB cable.

Build Quality:  Pretty nice.  They are seeming well put together, plastic but decent.

Isolation:  Not bad.  I could use these out and about or on a commuter bus at a push.  Tube or flight, not so much. Still for in the gym or out for a run I’m pretty sure they would do an admirable job.  Just remember to look where you going and lookout for traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Great.  Even with the ear guide on I got along just fine.  I did swap to foam tips for expediency though.  No issues at all for me.

Aesthetics:  Well, they aren’t really lookers.  Not ugly or offensive to the eye but they did nothing for me visually.

Sound:  Very good.  They are still very bassy, more bassy than I would want but for their target market they are comparatively more balanced than others.  Not just are they better balanced their clarity and tonality are both pretty great.  All the bluetoothy bits in them too and yet they are dirt cheap still.  Not much can have gone to the drivers but whatever Jesbod have done I think they are onto a winner.  The clarity is great, detail is alright and their comparative balance makes them a plausible audiophile’s beater gym earphone.  So long as you don’t expect the moon on a stick I’d be surprised if anyone wasn’t majorly impressed with these for their diminutive price.  Sure they have lots of bass but it’s a decent quality and it’s not too domineering, reasonably clean and doesn’t interfere too much with anything else.  It does move a bit of air and lacks a bit of punch but its fairly taut for the money.  Mids too are pretty good.  I wish they were more separate but they very nicely compliment the bass and only pick up a dash of warmth from them.  Vocals are for the most part nicely clean and unmolested.  Treble is alright, not super prominent which is wise.  They offer a fairly credible level of detail too it’s just not the most present treble ever.  When you push its abundance up then it’s not bad still, it does what it can to sand off the brutal edges and retain what details it can.

Great stuff for the money, not to mention for being wireless at the price too.

Value:  Outstanding.

Pro’s:  Great sound quality.  Stupidly cheap.  Great all-rounder.

Con’s:  Look a bit frumpy.

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