Hisoundaudio HA2 Quick Review

Hisoundaudio HA2 Quick Review

Thanks to Hisoundaudio for the sample.

Brief:  A GR07 but that isolates.

Price:  Circa US$100 or about £68

Specifications:  Drivers: Balanced Armature (1x), Impedance: 35 Ohms, Sensitivity: 108 dB, Highest Sound Pressure: 125 dB (1 kHz, 1 Vrms), Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 Khz, Cable Length: 118 cm

(N.B. these are spec as written on the box I got.  The spec seem to differ slightly to what others have reported.

Accessories:  You should get a heap of tips, a Velcro tie thingy and a little case.  However I didn’t get the case.

Build Quality:  It would all appear to be nicely build, the buds are all metal it would seem.  The cable its some braided with a black plastic sheath, which also would appear to be perfectly fine.

Isolation:  They do sit shallow but with the biggest foamies they came with, they sealed tightly and isolated very well.  Proper BA IEM levels of isolation.  I’d be fine using these on the Tube or on a flight.  Naturally easily enough to get yourself run over if you don’t pay attention.

Comfort/Fit:  The fit was a little odd wearing up as they have a strange shape but they fit me fine.  They do sit rather shallow which feels a bit odd at first but you get used to it very quickly.  I had no trouble getting a fit, seal and then wearing for multiple hours.

Aesthetics:  They aren’t ugly by any means but they are pretty bland looking.  Perfectly happy to wear them out but nothing hugely visually interesting.

Sound:  Here they start to shine a little bit.  Well not so much shine as they don’t do that, they are gently warmed but just a smidge.  There is a sonic purity to them, something honest sounding, pure and direct.  They are not thrilling party beasts by any imagining but they really are good.  They are rather like a BA version of the old GR07, the king of the generalists.  This is so alike it but with BA like traits instead.  Like it isolates great for one.  Its deepest bass isn’t a big air mover, its mids are lightly buttered and its highs are faintly warmed.  It’s a really ear gently sound.  Bass that’s a fraction above natural though it’s light and while smoothly agile.  It’s a bit strange as it feels, smooth, slow relaxed but of course it’s a BA so it’s highly agile.  It’s just very polite in how it goes about things, like going 100mph in a rolls Royce, you’re barrelling along but it feels as laid back and unhurried as if it were 20.  Mids too share that casually, unhurried feel.  They are a touch buttery and have a tonal purity to them.  Spacious yet towards the front and somehow intimately detailed but never in your face.  The treble is a little subdued in quantity, it’s rather softly relaxed too.  Rather a lot of detail but it’s just sort of there, there is no effort made to hurl it your way.  Especially if you throw colder more aggressive sources at it, they want to gently bring a little warmth.

A great audiophile generalist, which isolated well too, winner.

Value:  It may not be the mainstream success as its warmly soft, clean sound has to offer deserves as some will want more air moved down low.  These are not that, these are audiophile generalists, BA air movements, mids that only come from a decent BA driver.  As close as I’ve heard to the GR07 but these isolate.

Pro’s:  Great Isolation.  Great natural acoustic feel.  Smooth.

Con’s:  Single BA isn’t a big air mover.  Too unaggressive for some.

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