HiFiMAN RE-300a and RE-300h Quick Review

HiFiMAN RE-300a and RE-300h Quick Review

Thanks to HiFiMAN for the samples.

Brief:  HiFiMAN do a new low ender.

Price:  US$50 or about £32

Specification:  See here for the h http://www.head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=230

See here for the a http://www.head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=224

Accessories:  Two pairs of tips, a shirt clip and 10 replacement filters. Both tips are very nice but odd you only get 2 pairs.

Build Quality:  Not bad at all. HiFiMAN don’t have the best rep but these feel pretty nice, nothing special though.

Isolation:  For a dynamic it’s quite a bit at the upper end of expectations, not one for regular Tube commutes but would be just fine for the occasional short flight and normal, day to day use.  Easily more than enough to get you run over if you aren’t looking of course.

Comfort/Fit:  Despite being a bit of a weird shape the fit was effortlessly easy and the comfort was perfect.  They really fit my ears perfectly.

Aesthetics:  Not bad.  I like their unusual shape but mostly they are small and non-descript.

Sound:  Very rich, bordering on very bassy, very smooth.  The bass is big, deep and hearty.  Something of a surprise for the brand as they are usually very audiophile aimed at.  Here though these are making the best of the lower quality innards and have gone for a rolled off upper with a great emphasis on the bass.  The highs are the first thing to go wrong so this acoustic style is a very practical one and it makes the most of their abilities.  It’s also one that the consumer end of the market will approve of.  The bass is highly abundant and its rather closed nature makes it very powerful.  A little too powerful.  The mids are rich and creamy, a bit of thickness but very pleasant on the ear.  The highs are limited and rolled off but offer a delicate sparkle when called upon.  Make no mistake though this is bass centric with a healthy amount of mids.  A warm, rich and deeply chocolaty aural experience.  It’s nice but like rich abundance of chocolate, it has me yearning for something lighter.  I would expect it to be popular with Apple or B&W enthusiasts.  Smooth and highly pleasant on the ear.

HiFiMAN is a quintessentially audiophile brand and this therefore is a radical departure in sound signatures.  As such it may be a great way for normal people to be introduced to the brand but if you’re a lover of the brand already you may be in for a big surprise with this one.

Value:  Pretty good if you want an abundance of warmth and bass.

Pro’s:   Exceedingly enveloping chocolaty warmth.  Bass.

Con’s:  Overly rich. Overly warm. Overly bassy.

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