Final Audio Heaven IV Quick Review

Final Audio Heaven IV Quick Review

Thanks to Hifiheadphones for the loan.

Brief:  Final Audio and a case to die for.

Price:  £139 or about US$218 though they seem a bit rare in the US.

Specification:  Driver Type: Custom made balanced armature, Sensitivity: 112dB, Impedance: 16Ω, Cable Length: 1.2m, Weight: 17g per earpiece

Accessories:  6 pairs of white silicone tips, 3 rounded and 3 more conical.  Then of course there is that case.

Build Quality:  Super.  They visually positively drip plush and priemiumness.

Isolation:  Very good.  A bit on the lower side for a BA but still great, enough for most flights and the Tube if needs be.  Oh and do watch out for traffic as you will not hear it with these in.

Comfort/Fit:  Hmm pretty good.  They seemed to want to sit a bit deep but they have a wide nozzle so it was a balancing act.  Mostly fine though.

Aesthetics:  Oooh, all of the pretty.

Sound:  Good.  For a BA they sound massive, a real semblance of scale and space for the music to really breathe.  Vocals are slightly ethereal and have natural feel to them.  I can see why some have found them to be quite mesmerizing.  For me though, it felt like it has lost some of the forwardness and explicit nature of most BA’s.  I won’t say either is “better” but well, I like forward and explicit.  The bass, while again well textured for a BA it lacked real presence and couldn’t keep up with the mids.  The highs, again with a slightly diffuse nature were lovely and airy but, head to head with others their detail levels just weren’t quite as good.  While I can’t say I’ve loved each aspect in a technical sense the whole here is a grand and beautiful soundstage.  Everything feels so very layered and spacious and I can honestly say it’s a beautiful whole.  For a BA the atmosphere created here is slightly mesmerising, the sort of thing you could listen to eyes closed and hear the assemble tableau both before and all around you.  That is where it truly shines.

Value:  Its super pretty and you certainly pay for that.

Pro’s:   Pretty.  Beautiful and expansive sound scape .

Con’s:  Raw detail retrieval isn’t awesome, bit pricey.

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