Final Audio Adagio III Quick Review

Final Audio Adagio III Quick Review

Thanks to Hifiheadphones for the sample.

Brief:  Oh god, oh dear god, so much bass!!!!!

Price:  £59 In the US they seem to vary wildly

Specification:  Earphone Type: Intraaural (in the ear), Driver Unit: Dynamic Driver, Driver Size: 8mm, Sound Pressure Level: 100dB, Impedance: 16 ohm, Housing Material: ABS Cable Length: 1.2m, Weight: 10g

Accessories:  3 pairs of silicone tips.

Build Quality:  Buds look nicely constructed but cable feels very thin.

Isolation:  Rather a lot for a dynamic.  It would easily do for normal use and you could get by the odd flight or two with them.  Just remember to watch where you are going with them in or be prepared to get run over.

Comfort/Fit:  Very good.  They weigh nothing and fit my ears effortlessly.

Aesthetics:  Not bad, they come with a variety of different colour options so get a bit of choice.  Otherwise pleasantly quiet visually.

Sound:  BASS.  Then some more bass, then another helping of bass and then lastly, another dollop of bass.  While I am not adverse to some good quality bass I am a bit adverse to this quantity of bass.  Literally, my sinuses felt like they were being kicked.  I have crap sinuses btw.  Quality wise, it’s rather good, it is articulate and grippy. The mids are a bit over warm but nice detail levels the treble is pretty reasonable, just a hint subdued.  None of that matters though, these are all about the bass and you buy or don’t buy these on that basis alone.  It’s monstrously epic.  It’s got a ton of power behind it and a sense of scale that seems without limit.  Its soundstaging is very impressive but it serves just to give the bass more space to pound you from.  Seriously, my sinuses feel like they have just been violated.  For me, well I’m not a fan.  For you?  I know some people who would positively wet themselves with excitement for this much bass coming their way.  If you think that might be you, give them a go and you’ll likely be as pleased as punch with their prolific and endless low end output.

Value:  Clearly you pay a bit for the name but if you want the soundstage and that bass, you are getting something a bit out of the ordinary.

Pro’s:   Oh my god, sooooo much bass!!!!!  Huge sounding.

Con’s:  Oh dear god the bass practically assaults you.

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