DUNU TITAN 3 Quick Review by mark2410

DUNU TITAN 3 Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to DUNU for the sample.

Brief:  DUNU’s Middle Triplet

Price:  £95 or US$135

Specifications:  Driver: 13 mm Titianium drivers, Frequency Response: 10 Hz- 40KHz, Sound pressure level: 108 +/- 2 dB, Impedance: 32 Ohm, Plug Size: 3.5 gold-plated plug, Cord length: 1.2m

Accessories:  1 X case, 1 X 3.5mm to 6.3mm audio adapter, 1 X shirt clip, 6 pairs of silicon tips

Build Quality:  Very nice.  The buds are CNC’ed metal, the cable is removable from the beds and thusly replaceable if you kill it.  The cable feels alright, very light and flexible and the jack is metal as usual.  It’s a rather nice package.

Isolation:  Well it’s a very open IEM, hence the isolation it offers is very slight.  If you want isolation then this isn’t for you.

Comfort/Fit:  For me great.  I mostly wore them up which worked fine by swapping right and left.  With that done I was happy to wear all day.  Worn down I found their shallow fit made them regularly tugging and being distracting.

Aesthetics:  They look pretty good I think.  Nothing amazing but still quite nice.

Sound:  Like the other two TITAN’s the detail levels offered are superb, they are also open, spacious, airy and staging is unusually large.  Where the TITAN 3 starts to differentiate itself is in its sound signature. These are the middy, slightly richer, slightly creamy one.  Its definitely made with the midrange in mind and they are about the best mids I’ve encountered from a dynamic driver.  They are fantastic.  The nuance, the subtlety, the detail and all with a soft creamy coating.  Soft, smooth vocals are mesmerising.  They really are just so very good but they have a definite preference.  Their flavouring wants to stay in place when you play other sorts of music.  Throw on stuff that is made with a more V shaped sound in mind and they just ignore it.  Sure the bass it good, cleanly articulate but I could never make it dominate.  The vocals always stood up and sang their heart out.  Now I rather like that presentation so I’m not really seeing it as a problem but others will.  They are a vocal centric IEM and they will consistently put the vocals at the forefront of things.  They are when amped and at volume it has a tendency to peak towards the upper vocal ranges and with the wrong voices it errs towards getting shouty.    The highs though are really rather well behaved.  The detail level is excellent but they are really rather polite.  They offer a light shimmer to all but never sparkle with a bright hard edge.  Some may find it too polite and too reserved.

In short they are superb, crazy detailed for the price but middy and creamy flavoured.  Detail junkie’s won’t likely love having to listen out for it rather than have it hurled at them.

Value:  As a backup IEM, hells yeah, middy luchiousness, so much space and grandeur.  But…. the dearth of isolation means they aren’t suitable for the sort of environments that IEM’s are normally wanted for.

Pro’s:  First rate sound quality.  Staging and scale are epic.  Sumptuous mids.

Con’s:  Negligible Isolation.  That upper vocal peak.

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