Axgio Sprint Quick Review

Axgio Sprint Quick Review

Thanks to Axgio ( UK & US )

Brief:  Uhurua’s earphones Mk 2.

Price:  US$40 or £30

Specifications:  Chip: CSR8645 (with AptX), Bluetooth Version: 4.1, Profile Supported: HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP, Battery Capacity: 130mAh, Charging time: about 2 hr, Charging port: USB cable, Music time: 8hr, Talk time: 8hr, Driver Unit: 7mm (SPK), Frequency Response: 20 Hz-20k Hz, Dimension: 13.7*13.7*18.3mm, Siri: Yes

Accessories:  7 pairs of tips, including a bunch of foam ones and a charging cable.

Build Quality:  it would appear to be good.  Nothing really leaps out me in either direction.

Isolation:  Really rather good for a dynamic.  I expected them to be well vented and open but no, they are easily fine for on a bus, out for a run, whatever.  Not really Tube or flight stuff but as ever, easily enough to get yourself run over from not hearing traffic.  Please remember to use your eyes people.

Comfort/Fit:  Good.  They are kinda big but they suited my ears great.  Fit me very nicely so were fine to wear for hours at a time.

Aesthetics:  So so.  I’m not wild on the black glossy plastic but I do kinda like the gunmetal inner side of the buds.  Still no one’s going to mug you for these from looks.

Sound:   Way better than I expected.  For a first outing from a brand I’d never heard of I expected the review to be, nice try and I’ll look forward to your next attempt, thanks.  No, none of that here, these actually manage to best the BLU-100’s, I can tell you I sure as hell didn’t see that coming!  These are rather grown up, a bit playful with a big humpy rounded bass but it’s clean and nicely nimble for its scale.  It likes to aim for a big mid/bassy humpy punchy in your face but with an air of softness to keep it easy on the ear.  It’s good.  Its depth well, you can’t have everything.  Its mids are great for the price, nicely creamy and clear, they do get a little caught up with the lows in male vocals but girlies are very clearly rendered.  Nicely flowing and liquidy creaminess.  Highs are rather soft and tame.  They paint a slight shimmery picture for you but they haven’t the talent to be spot on so they don’t try to.  They steer away from any edge or brashness.  So it’s a bit of an overall mellow sound signature but I say that’s spot on for the price range.  Play to your strengths and the Spirit does just that.  An excellent tuning choice for a first outing, I’m very pleased with it.

It is however a little on the mellow and glorious side when for a gym IEM you may want a more bighty aggressiveness.  This isn’t that.

Value:  It’s cheaper and better than a Brainwavz offering.  Yes, its superb value.

Pro’s:  Super cheap.  Sounds wonderfully glorious.  Rich creamy goodness.

Con’s:  Cable noise irritated me.  Not as aggressive as a gym IEM needs to be.

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